Do you want to get more Twitter followers for free?

Many businesses and marketers who are on Twitter today are still seeking ways on how they can get more Twitter followers, however, it is good to note that, having a million Twitter followers is nothing if a few of the followers engage in your tweets regularly.

It is good to ensure you have the right Twitter followers who are relevant to your niche and who will expose your brand to many audiences.

Today, businesses are faced with hurdles, especially when it comes to funding for startups; this is an obvious reason why social media marketers and business owners should use the low costs or the free options that are available to get more followers on their social media networks especially, Twitter.

In the past few years, brands relied entirely on Facebook in their marketing campaigns which is a good approach as it has over 1.94 billion global monthly active users currently.

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Today, with the rise of other social media networks like Twitter and Instagram, businesses can choose what platform works best for their needs. In this article, you will learn about the surefire and quick tips you can use to get more Twitter followers for free.

Twitter Followers

The reason why Twitter is gaining popularity in the social media world is the fact that:

  • Twitter has over 300 million total users and these users are likely to be potential customers if engaged in the right way possible.
  • Twitter receives over 200 million monthly users who tweet over 500 million tweets on a daily basis.

Getting a big number of Twitter followers means a successful Twitter strategy. However, getting more Twitter followers is not a one-day affair.

All the social media networks work almost the same and this is so with Twitter, it calls for the commitment of time and consistency together with a heart to take risks and learn new ideas on the way.

Interested on learning how to get your one million Twitter followers in one month? Read the tips below.

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Get more Twitter followers by making your Twitter handle known to a greater audience.

This is one of the most overlooked steps by many businesses and individuals starting out on Twitter and wanting to get more Twitter followers. After all, how will people follow you if they don’t know you exist?

Social media experts encourage Twitter users especially first-time users to ensure to make it easier for people to find their

Twitter account. Remember people interested to follow you will first land on your profile before deciding whether to follow you or not. Your Twitter profile will tell people who you are and what you do. Therefore, have a comprehensive Twitter profile.

To enhance your Twitter account and make it be known to a greater audience, you should:

Ensure your username @username reflects what you do, although it is good to have a short username that is within the 15 character requirements.

Make a great Bio– This is where people will head to immediately they land on your Twitter account; therefore, ensure to write a clear description about your brand. Keep the description friendly and don’t forget to incorporate some few professional comments.

There are a handful of ideas on how to write a Twitter Bio to increase your Twitter followers on the web you can check out. here, you should ensure to make your Bio up-to-date with current events and campaigns you are working on and conclude with a Call to Action (CTA)

Ensure to make people know where they can locate you.

Ensure to put a link to your website

Ensure to have a profile picture that reflects your brand.

  1. Cross promote your Twitter account on the various social media networks you manage such as on your Facebook page, your Google+ profile, your LinkedIn page and any other social media platform owned by your brand.
  2. Have a Twitter “Follow” button on your blog and website. Here, you should have a “Tweet this” button for people to share your blog posts on Twitter.
  3. Tweet quality content. Ensure to tweet quality content that will grab people’s attention and increase engagement to get more retweets and more people following you.
  4. Post better quality images. Ensure to share images that have the best quality to increase chances of getting more followers. You can use Google image search to get better and quality images.
  5. Use #hashtags– #Hashtags were first introduced by Twitter and they are still relevant up to now. Ensure to use at least 3 hashtags to avoid looking spammy.
  6. Use trending #hashtags. Here you should ensure to use those latest hashtags that are relevant to your brand
  7. Ask people to follow you. Make people know that you exist and ask them to follow you. You can do this if you have other social media sites where you can include a link with a “Follow Me on Twitter” phrase.
  8. Tweet regularly– Getting more Twitter followers doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t expect to get 1 million Twitter followers by writing one tweet. Therefore, ensure you have a plan to tweet regularly and steadily or use Twitter reseller panel
  9. Socialize – Social media has a keyword which is social. Therefore, ensure to interact with people.
  10. Follow other people who follow you– If a person happens to follow you, ensure to follow them back.
  11. Never ignore people who mention you. Here you should ensure to reply to people who mention you or your brand as this will show that you are active and engaging and this will make new users get enticed to follow you.
  12. Embed your Tweets – Twitter allows its users to embed a single tweet. You can embed your tweet by clicking more on your tweet and then select “Embed Tweet”, copy the code that appears and attach it into your site.
  13. Promote your Twitter handle on numerous printed media– If you are a business owner or a marketer, chances are that you have printed material such as business cards, flyers and print ads. Ensure to include your Twitter handle to allow people to connect with you easily on Twitter.
  14. Place your Twitter handle in your email signature. Ensure to include a signature in your email address so that users can know more about you every time you send an email. If you don’t know how to include a signature read more on how to add an email signature. On your email signature, don’t forget to include a link to your Twitter.
  15. Tweet to people regularly – Mention at least 3 people every day on your Tweets.
  16. Sign in to other forums using your Twitter account – Many a times; you will come across forums where you are required to sign in using any of your social media accounts.  On such occurrences, use your Twitter account to sign in to make it easier for people to see your Bio whenever you post something.
  17. Reply to Tweets publicly– Although it’s easier to reply to tweets with a DM, by doing this, you will be concealing to your responses. Many new people will not be able to see your responses and this will make them feel that you are not social and therefore, reducing the chances of getting new followers.
  18. Follow niche leaders– Reach out to niche leaders on Twitter and ensure to follow them and socialize with them as well.
  19. Ask a celebrity or a niche leader to follow you – Find your niche leaders and ask them to follow you. You can entice them by mentioning them, and retweeting their tweets. When they follow you, ensure to keep connected with them as this will increase their chances of retweeting you to their followers.
  20. Thank your new followers by sending them a direct message– This will make them feel that you are a good listener and caring. But ensure you don’t spam them with your direct messages.
  21. Ask questions– When you want to get more Twitter followers, you must be ready to engage other users and to achieve this; you should be willing to ask questions. This will make your followers to interact with you while responding to your questions.
  22. Ask your followers to retweet your tweets– There is no harm for asking people to retweet you. By saying “Please RT” you stand a better chance of getting better results in that every retweet brings you closer to the eyes of a new follower depending on the number of followers the person you have asked to retweet you has. Find out ways on how to get retweets
  23. Tweet during Twitter peak times – Here you should learn to time your tweets to expose your tweets to greater audiences.
  24. Take part in trending forums – Trending forums are seen by many people at once. Taking part in trending forums can expose your tweets than you can imagine. The more your tweets get exposed to many people, the more you are likely to get a bunch of new followers.
  25. Be fast in replying– You will be shocked to find someone replying to a tweet that was made several days ago. This can adversely decrease the number of people who are already following you and thus making it impossible to get new followers. Therefore, ensure to reply as fast as you can.
  26. Use videos– Today, Twitter is more video friendly. You can use this opportunity and post short videos or embed other videos to enable you to get new connections.  
  27. Tweet about breaking news– Twitter is a real-time platform where users can get instant news. If you find a global new story that is relevant to your brand, tweet the news to your followers.
  28. Be informative – Many people will follow you when they realize that your tweets are informative. However, the information you tweet should be relevant to your brand.
  29. Be original – Your content should be genuine and not fake. Original content will be of interest to your customers as well as new followers.


So, there you have it, 30 quick tips to get more twitter followers for free. Try to use them and you will realize how helpful they are. All the best in your Twitter strategy!

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