Link building and brand management are interconnected. Both of these complement each other in various means and methods. You can’t ignore one of them and expect some sky crashing results.

The truth is that millennials’ customer service expectations are higher than the older generations. They want full fledge attention from the time they place an order for a product until they are satisfied to use them.

You may get the feeling that this is creating another hassle for your business, but in fact, the results and other customers these millennials cater through their word of mouth will eventually shoot up your business’s profits.

When millennials came on board, McDonald’s failed to attract them due to not having anything different and taste being the same globally.

The popularity of the fast-food chain started dropping and other brands came on the view of the GEN Y‘s tastes as they started inventing and introducing new tastes.

This was alarming for our favorite food brand and they took drastic steps to ensure their customers were engaged and returning.

The introduction of Happy Meal with a toy ensured that kids reminded their parents that they needed to visit McDonald’s.

They brought in a weekly set of toys and kept changing their models and types, which became instantly favorite with all the parents.

When Starbucks brought a range of coffee types, McDonald’s immediately reinvented the idea and brought in-house coffee, shakes, and juices. The dessert range offered is just mouthwatering.

All of this, accompanied by an excellent customer service not only for the millennial parents but their kids too, ensured that McDonald’s was recommended to all the friend and family zones.

As discussed earlier in the book, we know that GEN-Y likes to eat fast food and hence the example above proves that McDonald’s has set all of its menu as per what millennials like.

I have never seen much of the people from Generation X standing in a queue waiting for their turn to order a Mc. Chicken Meal. Have you? I mean honestly, I have never seen more than 1 person out of every 25 people waiting to place their order.

Remember, the criticisms made by your customers may be harsh but they can be the source of very important feedback that helps you to grow and MacDonald’s is a living example.

A new example of modernized millennial customer services is Apple Inc. I have counted in Apple because they have been developing and introducing new features for their customers.

Their way to involve customers not only comes with their products but an excellence in customer satisfaction too. Customer friendly locations, rigorous drills for employees, and of course, great products are a fundamental component of their triumph.

In 2015, Apple had a profit of US$53 billion, which again confirms their maintenance of the fact that “your customers are your profit”. The training manual in Apple lets its employees know that they don’t have to SELL but understand the customer needs, those which they themselves are not aware of.

WOW!!!Do you see how the shifts in a generation didn’t hold Apple from
delivering an excellent service and great customer satisfaction?

Did you ever stop and think what specifically Apple does that makes them so great? Why their profits are so high? Why are almost all college libraries filled with students on Macs?

The answer and reason, both are very interesting. Apple has created products which give its owner the satisfaction of owning something different and unique.

IPad, Mac, and Apple TV multiply what’s thinkable inside the classroom and outside. IPad opens up new chances for learning.

Mac is a device for inspiration and Apple TV helps to capture class’s responsiveness like never before. All these products hold special features which attract GEN-Y and students have access to powerful free apps to produce extraordinary results.

They are provided with possibilities to think outside the box and the options to make their dreams and visions possible are limitless. Why wouldn’t you purchase something even if expensive, if it’s letting you go beyond your limits?

Easy to carry and internet ready, that’s exactly something the millennials want. They are not bound by the purchase so why wouldn’t they opt to buy it?

Their service satisfaction is derived from the name itself, A.P.P.L.E, which adds more fun to the customer’s experience. For you to understand it better I have drafted them as follows:

● Approach to personalization
● Probe- to understand their needs
● Present a solution to the problem
● Listen actively
● End with an invitation to return

Apple staff sells their stuff in the Apple way to their millennial clients.

This not only lets their customers know that they can trust them but also maintains the quality of service deliverance. As Apple deals in retails, they know that some customers are a genuine pleasure to serve and there are some who might tend to test their patience at times.

Their customer services revolve around both such scenarios and they are well equipped. They simply follow the 3 F’s of Empathy, which are:

The GEN-Y customer’s experience is extraordinary and enables them to stay connected with the brand.

The company takes pride to invent, develop and find the best approach to entertain their millennial customers.

It is famous for millennials because of the opportunity it provides them to watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere and on nearly any Internet-ready screen.

Viewers can play, pause and resume watching without any commercials or minimizing the quality.Netflix subscription is valued by millennial customers due to the broad range of selection available. Their major punchline is, “Netflix and Chill”.

Netflix has inspired Millennials to cut their chains and move away from cable and cords, being able to switch to a Netflix, Hulu and HBOGO type of life for

The different and original content of their ads has ensured that their viewers stay intact. Netflix has ensured to maintain the originality of their content as they know it’s the easiest and the quickest way to make sure their audiences stay interested.

They have introduced the ad of the day feature for their customers. Their famous mini-film, “The worst kind of rat” is quite popular within the millennials.

Business Insider performed a survey in 2015 to check their brand popularity, and alone in the U.S, the range was quite high. Don’t trust us? See for yourself.

Generation Y aged between 18 and 34 are mostly using digital media.

The study found that Netflix and YouTube were tremendously the most common and shared streaming services used by the US millennials alone

In order to stay on top, Netflix has launched its services globally with over 50 million consumers. How did the brand target such a huge amount of followers in such small time, despite having a competition with big names like Time Warner, Charter, and Comcast and so on? What is it that attracts millennials to its exclusive digital entertainment and they enjoy being a part of it?

The answer is simple and effective. They brought originality, fun-filled atmosphere, kept their ads and marketing around millennials and ensured that quality was delivered. A very seasonal fun filled ad by Netflix was, “Netflix and Ben”, shared on Facebook by two million people. The brand adopted the sharing through the Facebook feature, permitting the GEN-Y to share content with their
friends and family.

Millennials being the most demographic generation, cannot be attracted to your brand without any distinct input.

One key to brand success within this generation is social media engagement, which cannot be challenged.

Be available where they can easily reach you, listen to them, see what attracts them, what’s niche in the millennial market and then for sure success will be knocking at your doorstep.

Targeting millennial customers through digital media has allowed Starbucks to generate revenue along with customer retention as they have covered all aspects of being with their clienteles and being available wherever needed.

It has also seen success in US GEN-Y consumers with mobile apps and payments and deals with around 9 million mobile transactions weekly.

Reaching its customers through social media:

Twitter, Facebook and providing FaceTime are just some of the customer service gestures. They reward their millennial customers and create an environment to engage with them.

This buyer loyalty increases more capital for Starbuck to not only initiate successful mergers with various other companies like the ride-sharing company and Lyft.

They have also introduced the Starbucks app. This works for iPhone and Android users and is the fastest, easiest and convenient way to pay for your coffee—no wallets needed.

Customers can check their balance and add funds to their Starbucks Card with debit/credit card, Visa Checkout, PayPal or Apple Pay and are even able to use the Apple Watch to make payments, track rewards and find songs running in Starbucks locations and much more. You can do something like this to retain your customers too, just think out of the box.

Link Building Case Studies

There are many techniques that SEO masters will quote or explain to you. But, there are the two most-used ones, which are highly effective. These are:

Let me tell you how they help you in channeling effectively strong and quality links. I have used my personal working methods to generate quality links for my own business as well as my clients too.

P.S: I don’t like to share critical details, as most of you will get confused. Instead, I’m using stuff that will be easy to digest and implement in case you don’t have the best webmaster for this purpose. Though, you can also contact me to give you tips.

The Skyscraper Technique

Here is your checklist before you start using Skyscraper Technique. You need to watch for:

❏ Uncovering opportunities withresearch.
❏ Identify potential distribution partners.
❏ Awesome content.
❏ Promotional campaign for audiences.
❏ Right people, right choice method.
❏ Up-to-date Content, products, and services.

Uncovering Opportunities With Research

The first thing first method is applicable here. You need to use Google Alerts for your niche keywords and topics which are related to it. I use BuzzSumo to research different articles and how people search for them. I have been able to find the specific keyword phrases which have been used by a lot of people. And, then analyze the content according to the brand I’m working for.

Maximum of my prospects are based on search volume with HubSpot’s Keyword App or Google’s Keyword Planner, and in return, I’m able to generate better stats to work on.

Identify Potential Distribution Partners

I always start with brands, blogs, and influencers that I know. All of these are usually a part of the niche I’m working for, or are related to it in one way or the other. I mostly publish on HuffPost,, Entrepreneur, Forbes, BuzzFeed, The Good Men Project, and Startup Grind.

Then I again use BuzzSumo and add other websites and people that have published or shared the content similar to mines. Usually, the same visitors are interested in my content and will like to read what I am publishing on my site.

Awesome Content Works Best

I always research what my competitors are using, how they are sharing it with customers, and which of their work is most liked and shared. This allows me
to generate something unique and is loved by all of my customers.

Promotional Campaign For Audiences

This is the most difficult and easily done part at the same time. I’m a growth-hacking specialist and people love to read what I write. But, unless I pan-out the best promotional campaign my users won’t come and read.

This is the most difficult and easily done part at the same time. I’m a growth-hacking specialist and people love to read what I write. But, unless I pan-out the best promotional campaign my users won’t come and read. I create the most effective-buzz on my Facebook page, Instagram ads, YouTube videos, Podcasts, and other brands and influencers immediately want to use what I post.

This in return gets me the attention I want and need. People see my content back-and-forth and want to read or use whatever I share. Though, I always share what I’ve personally tried and tested. I don’t risk my brand’s reputation for a few bucks. And people trust me because of the value-added information I give after my personal authentication.

Right People, Right Choice Method

This is also like an advertisement of my content on the blogs, websites, and influencers who do and share things like myself. I don’t do random stuff, and always share authentic things, ideas, and content. Being a PR specialist also gives me an added-edge to reaching out the right people. Yes, I also ensure that timing is right too.

Up-To-Date Content, Products, And Services

I always generate content, if I’m busy, I hire people who do it for me. Daily a small piece is okay for me, but most of the time, my hectic routine is not able to meet so many things. So, I always, chat-up whatsoever is the new trend.

I make pointers, and then start writing about it. This is my general rule of thumb, over the time, no matter what your content will also fail to attract people. Daily new things, events, inventions products, and services come-and-go by. So, you have to stay on top of your game and share whatever is on the trends. Create YouTube videos, Podcasts,blogs and see how you attract more and more traffic.

Try my DIY Skyscraper technique and see some real-quality link building on your website today!

The Moving Man Technique

This is another amazing technique that I use when I want to try something different. You’ve no idea how much effective and reliable this one can be.

Here are my 3 awesome steps that you can try:

1. Find old, dead, moved or changed name websites, blogs, and
2. Locate Sites which are linking to old pages.
3. Contact them and tell them about their outdated links.

Now, I’m all set to work on these in a step-by-step method to get my quality links. Here is how I do it, and you can try my method too.

Locating Outdated Resources

  • I look for sites that have changed their name.
  • Sites that have moved to a new URL.
  • Stopped offering a particular service or product.
  • Sites that have stopped updating a particular resource.
  • Sites that have shut down or are no longer operational.

Here are the perfect examples that can make you understand how I do it. These are the major brands, who have updated or changed their old names. Similarly, you can also check out the companies in your niche or sites or even blogs. is now is now is now is now

These are the real-life examples of changed name sites. Their older names redirect users to the new sites as soon as people click on them. Though you may  term it as broken link building method but this one is totally different.

However, their links point to old URLs, which also indicates that they are outdated. And, you can use these pages to build quality links without much of a trouble.

Therefore, keep an eye on your industry news, and as soon as you see the “name changed” press release. Use the opportunity to build your links in a truly well-rounded manner.

You can use the search strings to find site features that are no longer available or stopped. For example, Google Reader is no longer available on Google. You can check and see what result you get when you type in Google Reader. Most probably only Wikipedia will show you the details.

Here is how I find my resources that are no longer in working order:
➔ “service is not available”
➔ “page no longer exists”
➔ “this website is no longer updated”
➔ “this page is no longer updated”
➔ “no longer available”
➔ “website closed”
➔ “service no longer available”

Okay now comes the experimental part.

Simply type in on Google “page no longer exists” see what results you get. Here is what I found:

You can use the broken link checker to see the links on that page. These will be “working links” despite the resource having been shut down.

How you can grip SEO from this step is in the next phase, so keep reading.

Locate Sites Which Are Linking To Old Pages

Trust me, this one is the fundamental step, and is very very important.

As soon as you find the site that is no longer working or operational, you need to see the links of that site. You can use your backlink checker to find and check the links of that broken or changed resource.

I use Majestic’s free backlink checker tool, and it gives me a detailed report, like:

  1. Trust Flow (TF) metrics
  2. Fresh and old links
  3. Citation Flow (CF) metrics
  4. Total External Backlinks
  5. Ref.Domains
  6. External Backlinks
  7. Referring Domains
  8. 90 days past Graphs
  9. Dofollow/text/image/etc.
  10. Anchor text breakdown
  11. Anchor text distribution chart
  12. Ref. IPs/Subnets
  13. Governmental & Educational Backlinks

Once I get this report, I transfer the details to my Google Docs or on excel spreadsheet. Now, I’ve my list of perfect links, and it’s time to get the Moving Man technique to start.

Contact Them And Tell Them About Their Outdated Links

The best way to do this is to write a small-and-short email. You can express the details with a screenshot, and tell them that the links are outdated. Similarly, in the same email suggest them to add your links to their site.

You can more value to your link by expressing counter linking strategy as well.

Conclusion To Wrapping Up

Brands that follow these simple and easy guidelines are at the top. They monitor each and every small detail.

Pay more focus on inventing user-engaging content and your customers will love your brand.

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