Link Building you by now do know that link building is the key to SEO. And, as a result, more filtered traffic will reach to your website. Earlier, it was Yahoo! and Alta Vista that rocked the height of being grand search engines. They were the most powerful trademarks of the market.

Fundamental Understanding Of Link Building.

➔ How Search Engines Use Links?
➔ How Links Work?

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They used to rank their search results 100% centered on the content on a webpage or website. But, once Google came into the picture, things changed.

Benefits Of Link Building

  1. Increase the Crawl Rate.
  2. Increase Backlinks.
  3. Increase Web Traffic
  4. Increase Page Rank
  5. Increase Brand Value

What are the Benefits of Link building

Now Google is the father of all other search engines, and this happened because Google has got its base built on a strong foundation. No kidding there!

And, because of Google, links are still one of the utmost important influences to
define the excellence of a site.

Search engine link building

That’s why backlinks continue to be Google’s go-to ranking sign.

These tools were so commanding that many webmasters tried to misuse it. As a matter of fact, in recent times Google has dynamically penalized the rankings of websites who have tried such misuse.

The consequence often happens in events of over-optimization—in their link building strategies. Thus, you have to be very, very careful.

What is Google Penguin link schemes keyword stuffing over optimization and unnatural links link building

With modernizing Penguin updates, now Google focuses more on quality than quantity. Therefore, you have to know which link building methods to avoid and how to stay in Google’s strategies.

This is an important topic and overdoing or spamming may bock you forever.

Guidelines. This consist of any behavior that deploys links to your site or outbound links from your site.

What penguin panda and zebra in link building

The subsequent are examples of link outlines which can harmfully impact a site’s ranking in search results according to Google:

  • You cannot buy or sell links that pass a PageRank.
  • You cannot exchange money for links, or posts that contain links.
  • No exchanging of goods or services for links.
  • Avoid sending someone a “free” service for writing about it, or including a link to it.
  • Don’t do any excessive link exchanges.
  • Say no to cross-links.
  • Stay away from large-scale article selling.
  • Just don’t do any guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text
    links in them.
  • Cross-out any automated series or facilities to build links for your site.
  • Stop using unnatural links.

All of the above are considered under violation of Google’s guidelines, and
there is heavy fine once Google finds it. And, Google is better than any
webmaster out there.

How Search Engines Use Links?

Search Engine processes in link building

As soon as search engines crawl through a page, they source the content of that page and insert it into their index keys.Therefore, via this, they can regulate if it has necessary features to rank highly for related keyword search.

While they are choosing this, the search engines don’t just stop. They dig deep not just the content of the page, but also the links.

Then, they also observe the number of links directing to that page from other websites, and if those links are high in terms of the quality. Next, search engines also determine if those sites are ranking high in quality.

And, with all this, they pick your site to rank high in organic searches. Two basics are employed by every search engine, those are:

  1. Find new web pages and their links.
  2. Checking to determine how fit a page should rank in their searches.

But, here you must know that there are many procedures for building links, and although they vary in the effort, SEOs agree that link building is one of the toughest features of their tasks.

A lot of SEOs devote the mainstream of their time trying to do it all right. For that purpose, if you can grasp the art of fostering high-quality links, it can actually give you a lot of help.

Like, it can put you headlong of both – other SEOs and your general competition. So, you see why I had to write this book, not only for SEO but also for business owners.

search bots visit your website search bots crawl &index your website. your website start ranking

As a rule, the more you link your website with high-quality websites, the more likely you are to rank better in searches.

How Links Work?

Before jumping on the bandwagon of acquiring high-quality links, you have to understand how links work. Let me explain this to you in simple verbiage.

However, I’m sure SEO masters will understand it better than the business persons, but I will still keep it simple.

Search engines verses your website

It’s important to first comprehend few things about how a link is made and how the search engines can understand them. Note the below key points for a simple link-workflow:

  1. Use the anchor tag, it opens the link tag and states to search engines that a link to something different is about to chart.
  2. It’s also called as “hyperlink referral,” and the text within the quotation marks show the URL to which the link is directing.
  3. The URL doesn’t have to aim to a web page; it could be the linking to an image or file or page only.
  4. You have to ensure to use the visible/anchor text of every link – It is the small part of the text, which is formatted in order to be visible.
  5. And, due to it visitors understand to click to get more understanding of a specific thing or page or item. This will direct them to that external website.
  6. Once done the closure of link tag appears.
  7. This lets the search engines know that the link tag is finished.

I hope now you do understand how the link and search engines work. This way visitors searching for a relevant keyword or key phrases will get their required details in the organic searches easily. Therefore, to sum it up more diligently follow these three ranking steps:

Aptitude of backlinks link power and link range

Thus, I hope, now you do have a better understanding of the working mechanism of links and search engines.

Chapter 4:
Finding High-Quality Links For Your Website

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