A beginner’s guide to Google AdSense to show you how AdSense works, and how much money you can make with this monetization method, and why you can get accepted or rejected on the program.

If you are reading this post, then you must be wondering how much money you can make with Google AdSense, given that close to 14,000,000 websites around the world use AdSense and every year, Google pays out more than $10 billion to publishers.

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Google AdSense is an incredible way to monetize your website’s traffic, particularly for new bloggers. However, it’s not easy to make money with AdSense but you are lucky to read this article because we will show you how to make some extra income with ads.

Introduction to Google AdSense

Google AdSense provides a way for bloggers to place ads on their sites and earn extra income on the side.

It’s a simple and easy way for new bloggers although you need to work with the right tools, especially if you want to automate the process. There are also Google rules and regulations on how to make money with AdSense.

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AdSense is a product by Google that allows people, particularly publishers and bloggers to place targeted ads on their websites and blogs and when people click on them, they earn some commission.

What Is Google AdSense?

Perhaps you’ve heard about AdSense but you are wondering what the hell this is, don’t worry because I will explain what it is and how it works before I can talk about how much money you can make with this monetization method. Well, if you already know what Google AdSense is, skip to the next section of this beginner’s guide to Google AdSense.

Ideally, Google AdSense is an advertising network owned by Google that allows publishers, especially those with blogs and websites, to place targeted ads that when people click on the ads, they get paid.

When it comes to placement of ads, you can either use video, image or text ads as long as they are interactive and tailored to your target audience’s interests.

The good thing about using AdSense is that Google takes the hassle out of your hands by finding advertisers who pay the search engine, and then you get paid once users click your placed ads. The method is known as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC). This means you will be paid based on the clicks your ads get.

Google pays you 68% of the revenue and the giant and the publisher take 32%.

How to Get Started With Google AdSense

To get started with Google AdSense, you need to create an account with your Gmail account. The process is simple and straightforward.

If you already have a Gmail account, sign up here and then provide your contact information plus your payment address and phone number. You will also need to provide your Website URL. Google will then review your request and approve it in 24 hours.

How Does AdSense Work

Google determines what websites qualify for Google AdSense so if yours was rejected, we will talk about the reasons for the rejection below.

But once your request to get started with AdSense is approved, you can start placing targeted ads on your website, within the articles you publish, at the top of your blog posts or in the sidebar of your pages. You have endless opportunities when it comes to ad placement but you need to be cautious not to turn off your visitors with too many ads.

Google will provide you with an AdSense code you will copy and paste in your website/blog settings and the search engine will do the rest automatically.

Google will find ads and advertisers relevant to your niche using the keywords in your site.

Google will also negotiate the amount you earn with publishers, especially if they are fighting to get their ads featured on your site. This way, you will get more profits from your clicks.

Note that to make money with Google AdSense; you really need to have more traffic coming to your site. You can expect to earn around $.15 to $1 per click but this will depend on some factors as you will see later in this article.

A Word of Caution When Using Google AdSense

Although Google pays you when people click on the ads you place on your site, don’t make a mistake to think that you can click on your own ads or ask your friends to click as many times as possible. Google works with smart algorithms that can determine whether a click is genuine or not- and when you try to trick the search engine, your Google AdSense may get suspended where you will never be allowed to create another account on your name.

Your Sign up Request Got Rejected

So you’ve created an AdSense account and submitted it for approval but what you get is a message that your request wasn’t accepted.

What could be the reasons for the rejection of your request?

Usually, Google will state the reasons for rejecting your AdSense application request. Just read and implement what they tell you and apply again.

Here are some common reasons why your request could be rejected.

1: Incomplete application process

Google understands how smart people are and they have ways to catch you if you provide incorrect information or if you are not honest with the information you provide.

You must be trustworthy for you to get accepted for Google AdSense.

2: Your Content 

Another thing that can lead to rejection of your Google AdSense request is the content on your site.

For your request to be accepted, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Your content should be impeccable- free from grammatical errors and other minor errors.
  • Have a professionally designed site- no funny background or bright colors. 
  • Your blog should be in operation for the past 6 months.
  • Publish high-quality and engaging content. 
  • 3: You must have an About Page, Privacy Policy, or Contact Page

Google favors websites with these three important pages and if they are missing in your site, then the chances of getting accepted are minimal. Also, these pages should not be hidden. They should be seen by your visitors immediately they land on your site.

Google AdSense Earnings-How Much Money Can You Make With Google AdSense

Look, various factors come into play when it comes to the amount of money you can generate with Google AdSense. In this beginner’s guide to Google AdSense, we will talk about the most common factors which include:

  1. Your site niche.
  2. The keywords you target in your articles.
  3. Content quality.
  4. The time people spend on your site.
  5. The number of ads you place on your site.
  6. User’s GEO location.
  7. The type of ads you are placing on your site.
  8. The pricing of the ads you place on your site.

Don’t be cheated, no one can tell you for sure how much you can make with Google AdSense multiple factors determine your AdSense earnings.

However, some countries can generate higher cost per click earnings which include Australia, the United Kingdom, United States, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, etc.

The reason why these countries bring higher cost-per-click earnings is that many advertisers are fighting to get a spot inside Google Ads to sell things and this makes Google charge them a higher rate.

Countries that do not bring more cost per click include Brazil, Peru, India, Argentina, Pakistan, etc.

So as you can see, AdSense earnings vary.

A good rule of thumb is to research your niche carefully and determine the countries to target.

How to Make Money with Google AdSense 

We started by introducing you to Google AdSense, how to get started and how the program works. We’ve also given you a word of caution when working with the program and showed you some factors that can lead to rejection of your Google AdSense application request. Unfortunately, we couldn’t tell how much you can make with AdSense but we shared some factors that can determine your AdSense earnings, now before we let you go…

How Can You Make Money with Google AdSense?

Follow these tips to improve the chances of making money with AdSense.

1: Create a High-Quality Site

If you have a high-quality site, it means the content you publish is also high-quality and this will not only help you make money with AdSense but will also speed up the chances of getting accepted on the program.

These days, getting accepted by AdSense is not as easy as it was some years back. Google observes many factors before accepting a new site.

2: Use AdSense-Friendly Themes

If you are a WordPress user, you can take advantage of themes that work great with AdSense.

3: Research and Pick the Right Niche and Keywords

Your niche and the keywords you use in your articles can determine how much money you will make with AdSense. Research wisely and pick a profitable niche and keywords. Use the available keyword research tools for this matter.

Once you have done all these, follow AdSense rules, and work on driving more traffic to your AdSense site.

Let’s Get Started

When it comes to generating income with your website or blog, there are plenty of monetization methods and CPC advertising, particularly Google AdSense is one of the easiest ones. We hope this beginner’s guide to AdSense helps you get started.

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