Chapter 2: Building Your Own Brand

Whether you are a new startup or an existing business, you have to create your own brand.

If you are a business, I am sure you want to see higher numbers in the profit box every time you calculate. This is normal because every businessman thinks the same way.

How to build your own brand


You are manufacturing for those who are counted as a minority. You are failing to fulfill the need of those who are the majority and they’re the Millennials.

Hence, your products are catering to smaller generation groups which are why your sales are low-slung and so you end up generating low revenue.

How to build your own brand ,I guess I gave you a big evidence in a few small lines up there

Millennials Are The Largest Generation By Far…

They are very important if you want to see good numbers. Thus your brand has to do special branding for gathering your

GEN-Y customers.

Being the largest generation does not mean that you can sell just anything to them. It is not about quantity always. You have to be very careful about the quality of the product you are planning to sell them.

Brand Marketing, How to build your own brand

You might be reading this kind of Millennial study for the first time, but look around at those businesses which have already set their style according to the Y’s needs.

Some of them have even changed the taste of traditional food just to satisfy this generation and why won’t they do it?

Everyone wants a successful business out of the investment they have pumped in.

Thus, branding plays an important part in link building and also for more exposure.

Building your brand from scratch, or reinstating it takes a lot of courage. Starting will always be difficult no matter what. But, the end-results has to be glorious. You can’t just sit around after a failure. Trust yourself and redefine your initial steps.

For building a successful and reputable brand you need to underline the following:

  1. Identify your target audience in detail
  2. Study your competitors and their success stories
  3. Make charts to see what you can do differently from them.
  4. The Mission statement of your own brand will be next.
  5. Launch your marketing team.
  6. See that you do have your online presence everywhere
  7. Test and drive your product or service.
  8. Run marketing campaigns.
  9. Focus on SEO and high-quality link building.
  10. Work on your website content.

And, Lastly…

Never lose hope. Let us for once consider that you have done all of the above, and still not get desired results, then what is your next action to call?

That will be your website and its strong SEO. Adapt to new changes and variations in your market. See what people want and how do they want it.

Here again, link building will play a major role, thus see that you only use white-hat SEO techniques verified by Google.

Branding, How to build your own brand.

How It All Started?

Ever since the 1990s, search engines have considered links as votes for reputation and prominence in the open-ended self-governing view poll of the network.

The engines themselves have advanced the use of link data to a fine skill. And, all of them use compound algorithms to execute evaluations of sites and pages built on this statistics.

1998 Google logo, How to build your own brand

Nevertheless, links aren’t the whole thing in SEO, but search engine experts point a large share of the engines’ algorithms to link-related influences.

We will discuss this in the Search Engine Ranking Features, next.

Via links, engines can not only examine the reputation of websites and pages built on the integer and status of pages linking to them. But similarly, conclude metrics like trust, spam, and ability as well. Reliable sites lean towards linking to other reliable sites, whereas spam sites get very limited links from reliable sources.


Here, I will add MozTrust. It is Moz’s global link trust score reader.
It is comparable to MozRank but is more about measuring raw link status. Meaning, it will show you link impartiality from all pages and links in the same way.

MozTrust moderate moztrust. How to build your own brand.

This is a huge insider as it measures a procedure of link neutrality that is tied to the “reliability” of the linking website in general.

Authority modes, like those hypothesized in the Hilltop Algorithm, put forward that links are a very good way of recognizing expert details on a given business.

Search Engine Ranking Features

  • Page Density
  • Manual Boosting
  • Links & ALT Text
  • Word Position
  • Meta Data
  • Word Depth
  • Headings
  • Word Occurrences
  • Word Proximity

Search engine ranking features. How to build your own brand

Around 1997, Google’s initiators formed an algorithmic technique to regulate standing and popularity centered on several important codes, which are:

  • Links on the net can be taken as polls that are produced by the source for the object.
  • All polls are, at first, considered identical.
  • All across the development of implementing the algorithm on a link graph, pages which get more votes turn out to be more significant.
  • More significant pages create more key ballots.
  • The polls a page can cast are a purpose of that page’s standing, alienated by the number of votes/links it directs.

Page Rank

Page Rank. How to build your brand

That algorithm, unquestionably, was PageRank, and it transformed the sequence of web search, supplying marvelous value to Google’s early pains for excellence and relevance in the search results.

The moment, the knowledge of PageRank stretched, those with given attention in affecting the search rankings (SEO) discovered ways to influence this info for their websites and pages all over the board.

On the other hand, Google experts didn’t stop with their achievements in the field of link exploration. They revolutionized, leveraging signs like anchor text, reliance, hubs & specialists, topic molding and even social activity to affect the
weight a link might transmit.

Links needed for PR2,How to build your own brand


So far, regrettably, a lot of people in the SEO field are still ignorant of these variations and how they affect outdoor marketing. Most of them don’t even know how to acquire quality links and do drills for this purpose.

Link building is very important, as it is the foremost factor in the Google ranking for your websites or web pages.

Google States That:

“As a whole, webmasters can expand the ranking of their sites by enhancing the total number of high-quality links that connect to their sites.”

As a whole webmasters can expand the ranking of their sites by enhancing the total number of high-quality links that connect to their sites

Stop, And Think!

How to Track Any Domain. How to built your brand

Imagine that you own a site promoting sports gear and equipment.

You’re competing with another sports gear and equipment producer. One of the rankings features Google will look at in sculpting how to rank your respective pages is by link status.

Despite the fact that the above example delivers a general graphic estimation of how PageRank drives and why link building is crucial, it’s very straightforward. It neglects some key aspects –
such as:

  1. The dependence and influence of the linking pages.
  2. The SEO and content optimization of particular sites.
  3. The anchor text of the external and internal links.

So, you can’t simply ignore all of these important parts of your link building strategies. The most vital concept to recognize is that your content and unique content counts a lot.

For this, Google states:

“You’re expected to get your content rank higher for the keywords that you’re aiming if you do get external websites to link to your website or page.”

Analysis of a site pages perceived value to users how to build your brand

Also, focus on these particulars with your website development team and SEO experts. These are:

  • If you add links higher in the HTML code, they will be of more
    strong value.
  • Note that all external links are extra influential than your
    internal links.
  • Add links from exclusive domains.
  • Try to add links from trusted sites.
  • By adding links from “Inside” exclusive content has more importance than any Texts or sidebars.
  • Keywords with HTML text place more value than those in Alt Attributes of linked pictures.
  • Including links from value, websites is a plus for Google ranking.
  • NoScript Tag links have no value, thus avoid them.
  • Again, links confined In NoScript Tags are also of no use in quality link building.
  • Avoid doing link bursts as it’s only temporary help.
  • Don’t use web spam, as this will only devalue your site.

Now usually what happens is that once everything is in place with the website, SEO team etc. most of the people don’t have the basics understood.

Thus, they fall prey to some black hat development team, and not only drop their business image, but also blacklist their websites.

So, sit tight, and let me take you to the fundamental understanding of link building process.

Chapter 3:
>>>>Fundamental Understanding Of Link Building.

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