What can be more exciting than turning your passion into your profession? It sounds quite challenging, but you can, believe me, it’s not that much harder. Often we are exhausted doing our daily jobs and want to try something interesting that suits our taste if you want to operate a startup or want to start your own business.

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Thus, it is vital to portal products to your customers, and therefore, you’ll need a powerful tool to do so. And in this case, nothing can be more useful than having your personalized website.

It looks expensive from the surface, but actually, there are certain services like WordPress that can provide you with a fully customizable web platform. It is free of cost at an extent, and you’ll also get your preferred URL. Also, you can monetize your website to earn revenue from advertisements and subscriptions.

So, how can you use WordPress as your source of money? Today with the help of this article, I’m going to break down all the possibilities by which you can make some hard cash using WordPress. But at first, we need to know what is WordPress and how it can be used to build a web platform for any startup or business.

What is WordPress, and how does it work?

WordPress is the world’s most preferred platform for creating websites and managing contents. This platform is designed for establishing your online presence and demonstrate your materials and products before the world. One can easily publish sites ranging from small startups to large businesses, and everything is free to use until some premium features.

And you don’t need to have an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science to do all these. The user ecosystem is quite friendly to an average user who has a little bit of knowledge in computers and the internet. You can have zero or minimum investments to utilize this service, and after that, the possibilities are endless.

Till now, you might have understood that WordPress have specific free tools and elements, but beyond that, you’ll have to pay for some extra features and services that it offers. If you’re starting up your business, portfolio or blog, it’s not recommended to invest for those tools and features. Because the essential tools are powerful enough to get your work done. 

But if you really need those additional services in your work, then you can proceed to pay for those services. You can also create your blog using WordPress, and it has some seriously handy tools like presets, themes, and plugins to do that. Ons5 can follow your interests in specific fields and prosper in that category. You can have blogs on tech, traveling, lifestyle, healthcare, tutorials, and many more. Continue reading to learn more about how you can chase your interest and passion by having a WordPress blog.

WordPress will provide you with a subdomain free of cost that will have an extension in its URL. If you prefer to have your URL, then you can pay for that via WordPress itself or using some other platforms that provide personalized domains. In the root, WordPress is a tool to create stunning websites with a minimum of knowledge in computers and the internet. 

Coding isn’t necessary at all because you can drag and drop gadgets and items with its Graphical User Interface or GUI. Or you can use HTML coding if you need some flexible controls over the looks and features of your site. Many renowned businesses have started their ventures using WordPress, and even after getting substantial profit margins, they are still using this service for better control and access over their site.

In terms of designing sites, WordPress development services have already got you covered with its ready-made themes and plugins. If you don’t want to bear the hassles of creating your website, you can pick one such theme from the WordPress library. Every theme is designed by keeping in mind some factors like appearance. The appearance for tutorial blogs is entirely different compared to that of travel blogs. Therefore, whatever your content maybe, you’ll get one such theme based on your personal preference and taste. 

Numerous other tools are also available like payment portals, subscription services, donation gadgets, membership support, user accounts and many more. These are some of the free stuff that is available to everyone, but there are also excellent tools which have to be purchased from WordPress. With paid tools and gadgets, you’ll get custom email domains for your employees and clients, and you’ll also be able to unlock specific themes and plugins that will make your blog even more beautiful to the human eye.

And as I said before, you don’t need to be an expert to execute all these. The ease of process in making stunning websites and blogs using WordPress is simply breathtaking. Even if you’re a beginner, you can create pretty sites, and blogs using WordPress presets themes and plugins.

Now let’s focus on how to make some money using WordPress because a business is all about making some cash. And if you can gain profit from it, then why not? Even your site can become a business on its own, and thus it’s important to monetize your website.

How to earn money using WordPress sites or WordPress blog?

Before we get deeper into making money using a WordPress blog, you should have a clear idea about a blog. So, we’ll at first discuss the criteria that make a great blog and what are the dos and don’ts while managing your blog. So, let’s get started with that at first.

What is a blog, and what makes it different?

Your WordPress blog is a website that has a URL and a domain platform. It’s just the contents on the site that makes it a blog. Therefore, making money using a blog is precisely similar to that of a website — many people like technology, some people like travelling, and others like healthcare. We always try to follow our passion and keep every possible knowledge regarding that. So, why not share those with others? Because sharing your knowledge increases your understanding, and you can easily do that using a blog. 

You can demonstrate products, host tutorials and explanations, provide recommendations and many more using your personalized blog. Finally, you can monetize it or include some services that will let in money for you. And later on, with this money, you can improve the quality of your blogging website and purchase specific tools and products that will make it more attractive to the viewers.

Monetize your site and earn money.

There are numerous possibilities of earning money or gaining revenue from your WordPress blogs. I’m going get deep inside these topics by explaining each of them individually.

By following them, you can also earn some cash for your efforts, and with that cash, you can think about the future betterment of your site.

1: Using Advertisements and Promotions

You may have known this from other sites, especially YouTube, that an online service mainly earns revenues from advertisements. Before you start watching a video from a popular channel on YouTube, there are one or more ads that are played. Agencies pay YouTube for showing the advertisements, and a specific percentage of that revenue is credited to the content creator. By this, both parties gain profits in a well-optimized manner. Just like that, by showing ads and promoting other content and products, you can collect revenue from the advertisement clients.

As you’ll gain popularity and influence by followers, you can eventually increase the amount of revenue that your client will have to pay for an advertisement of a specific size and duration. As you’ll gain more followers to your blog, more people will see those ads and thus, you can earn more from running each advertisement on your site.

2; Review products and services

A review is one of the critical aspects that make most of the blogs out there. You can review products, services, and other materials on your blog.

Then, how to earn money by reviewing these?

Well, you’ll have to make a brand endorsement or partnership with a brand. Those brands will be paying you for leaving a positive and excellent impression on their products before your viewers. In most cases, tech YouTubers review a smartphone because the brand itself pays them. Similarly, you can have partnerships with certain brands that will pay you to discuss and promote their products and services.

3: Share your WordPress knowledge.

You’ll gain more and more knowledge as you’ll tinker within the interface of WordPress. You’ll learn new methods, new tricks and discover new features. All this will help to create a more stunning, attractive and beautiful website for your blogs. As a tutorial blog, you can share your knowledge about making websites using WordPress itself or other web hosting services like Google’s very own Blogger.

For these tutorials, you can create a package under which learners will have to pay a certain amount, similar to tuition fees, for learning from you. By hosting these kinds of tutorials, you can earn money which will be very similar to providing tuition classes, but on an online platform. There are many gadgets available within WordPress that offers comfortable and secure payment gateways, which you can use to get payments from your students and learners.

4:Start an Entrepreneurship with your blogs.

With a very little investment, you can build an entire business out of your blogs. Whatever your field of interest may be, whether it’s photography, writing, content designing or teaching, you can make a portfolio and start demonstrating your products and services.

As an example, suppose you are a photographer. Therefore, using your blog, you can set appointments with your clients for covering certain functions like wedding ceremonies, birthdays, and sporting events. Also, you can showcase and sell photographs that you have taken by imposing a price tag onto them. Possibilities with entrepreneurship and freelancing are limitless, and all you need to do is think creatively and smartly.

5:Enter the world of Affiliate marketing

You always don’t need to showcase and sell your products using your site. Instead, you can promote other person’s products on your website. You’ll be providing links that will redirect the viewers to buy or check that product. You’ll get your commission from your clients as others will be purchasing the products recommended by you.

It is primarily based on “pay per click” method because with each click on the provided link, you’ll be getting a fixed amount of revenue from your clients. This kind of marketing also involves having numerous followers because, with your follower gains, you can earn more and more income by promoting each product.

6: Provide subscriptions and memberships to your users.

WordPress has specific tools and gadgets that will allow you to use subscription facilities similar to YouTube and Spotify. To get access to certain services that you provide, users will have to pay you a fixed amount. Suppose, you are a musician and you want to share your compositions with your followers using your WordPress blogs. Therefore, you can set up a tool, so that everyone can listen to your creations, but only members will be able to download it. And they’ll have to pay for an annual or monthly subscription to do so.

In YouTube, one can support a channel economically by donating a monthly amount. The supporter will then get premium perks from the channel like member badges that will show up in the comments to differentiate that person from others. The person will also be able to get access to certain videos on the channel earlier compared to others. Just like that, you can also have such perks in your blog that will unlock additional features only to those who have paid to become a member of your community.

7: Offer courses and tutorials using your blogs.

Many teachers have personal coaching classes that they physically host in a room or building. But what if I tell you that you can do this online using your WordPress site. This is precisely similar to Google Classroom where knowledgeable people comes and teaches about a particular subject or topic. Just like a student pays his/her teacher for providing tuition classes, you’ll also be paid for your courses and tutorials. The course can be anything, including academic subjects, music lessons, computer lessons, engineering courses, photography, and many more.

And as WordPress has tools for easy and secure payment gateways, you can quickly receive fees from your learners. For individual courses and tutorials, you can have one-time payment or monthly payment services. By this, you can share your knowledge to earn yourself some money. And you’ll also be prospering with your knowledge and skills as you’re sharing them with the rest of the world.

8: Create a collaboration and partnership with other businesses

You can collaborate with other businesses and showcase their products and services through your WordPress blog. It is like advertising and digital marketing combined altogether. You’ll be posting and promoting for their products, and they will be paying you revenues based on your online popularity and customer reachability.

Also, you can highlight products and services that surround your contents. If you’re a photographer, you can recommend cameras and photography gears to your customers. You can do these all by having partnerships with other brands that sell photography pieces of equipment like cameras, stands and studio lightings. Or if you’re a musician, you can promote brands regarding musical instruments. Possibilities are countless. Just think logically and smartly.

9: Provide merchandise to your followers.

If you have popularity among millions, you can also sell your merchandise, including clothing, wearables and other items. You’ll be having your name and logo printed on shirts, caps and hoodies. With your WordPress blog, you can sell those items. For some content creators, these already have become a deal-breaker in terms of profit. So, if you’ve got massive popularity among your followers, then you can surely use this opportunity.

But not only for your products, instead, but you can also create merchandise for other businesses too. It’s possible to build merchandise for your collaborators and partners and earn from them for highlighting their brand and business.

10: Start an e-commerce service.

If you have an existing business, then you can portray that using your blogs. With an attractive blog, you can reach thousands of customers at once. They don’t need to walk into your stores to check out your products. Instead, they can do that by sitting in their home. And if they’re interested, they can easily order your products online. All the stuff will be executed via online mode, including the payment. This idea can be implemented in any business like groceries, electronics, food delivery, vehicle service, engaging professionals for certain jobs and much more similar to these.

As an example, if you have a doorstep food delivery service, then you can showcase that using your blog. This will become much easier for both you and your customer because everything can be executed smoothly, including taking the order and quantity, knowing the location, payment processing, etc. Technically you can build an entire shopping site out of a WordPress blog. Your customers will place their order by paying the amount, and you’ll be delivering that item to their doorstep. As easy as it gets.

You see, it’s not that much harder to earn some cash with your online presence. And it’s nor necessary for you to do the tedious 9 to 5 job. Whatever your interest may be, you can think about it creatively and can have significant profits from your personalized blogs. You love technology, then you can review gadgets, online services and collaborate with brands to review and promote their products. 

You like cooking, then you can start tutorials on preparing beautiful dishes via your blog. Or you can start a business like a doorstep food delivery service. You love photography, you can grab your camera to get some beautiful shots and sell them. Also, you and your team can cover functions and events like weddings, birthdays and sportings.

I’m not telling, neither advising to do these on a full-time basis. You don’t know what’s going to happen next because, in any business or startup, ups and downs are always there. Start it as a part-time job and dedicate your best to prosper in it. With every step, you will learn new things, you’ll fail often, but you’ll also learn how to stand up again. And in the end, your little startup can become something that you can maintain as a full-time job, which you can quickly call a self-supporting business.

WordPress is an ideal platform to portray these kinds of talents. With minimal efforts and investment, you can make your site or blog to execute your business. Or you can make your blog a company on its own.

Most of the exciting features in WordPress are free to use, and you can also purchase other beneficial tools and gadgets. Having an online platform is always welcomed if you own a business. And no one except WordPress can provide you with these. Yes I know, numerous other services are there, but none of them is as easy as WordPress. 

It’s got ready-made gadgets, tools, presets, themes, plugin and many more that you can drag and drop to maks your very own website or blog. For your every requirement, WordPress has got a solution. So what are you waiting for? Start chasing your passion and dreams right now and break the barriers of 9 to 5 jobs. With a little bit of smartness, creatively, and dedication, you can turn your passion into your profession.

Thank you very much for having patience in reading this article till the end. I know you’re charged up after reading this article, but you can’t run unless you learn to stand. So, keep faith in yourself and Lord, put little steps into your passion and make it to the end. With complete trust and dedication in yourself, you’ll surely take it to the best. Best of luck for your future if you have such plans ahead. And keep supporting us for similar articles in the future because it’s you who inspires us to develop our content. Have a beautiful day ahead.

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