Just like any other form of a social media network, Twitter is used by marketers to build credibility, influence, and awareness. In fact, it is one of the best platform marketers use to advertise their goods and products as a display to their clients online.

Twitter enables users to post a series of short narration and high pictured calls which communicate. This platform is used by investors and company owners to market their products visible to a certain targeted audience.

The way a user tweets make the tweet to be effective to customers by considering some factors including the quality of the tweets, how regular you are in your tweets and how you integrate with your Twitter account.

Companies and brands who market via Twitter should establish a dominant position in their areas to become experts in establishing a huge number of followers by ensuring that they reach the required audience.

They should consider the age of their audience, the competitors, time of marketing, and the relevance of the product. In this way, Twitter would be the most effective way of marketing.

Unlike on Facebook, Twitter has limited characters which limit one to add more information about the product. It has 140 characters which can include links, blog post, websites, PDF documents, pictures, and videos.

For one to see your tweet they must subscribe to your account and you follow other people which will enable you to read, reply to and share tweets with your followers

Top ways on how to use Twitter as an effective marketing tool

Interact with influencers and experts in your target area

Influencers on Twitter have massive followers, getting influencers in touch with your business improves your marketing. Tagging influential people like journalist, leaders, big name bloggers, politicians, etc and engaging them daily on your product builds the opportunity to collaborate

Sharing the same hashtags with influencer increases the chances of expanding your audience. Also, new people who will follow and retweet your product make your product be seen by many audiences which improve your brand visibility.

Finding public relation personnel, who is an expert in marketing through Twitter makes your product credible and effective to the market and to the target audience.

2: Setting up company Twitter profile

Giving an outline of your company shows the seriousness of your business to your clients. You can use the below steps to make your comprehensive Twitter profile

Selecting a username for your account which should be simple, with fewer words to attract the audience-You maybe write it using graphics to make it more attractive to the audienceCreate a URL web which makes one to easily such your account by following the link and get all the information from your account. The URL link also helps to generate website traffic.

Using hashtags for the relevant keywords makes all those who use the same hashtag to see your product because they have a related concept. Make an incredible image for a profile picture or a logo which has few details about your product. You may include a banner image branded by colors appropriate, with a high-quality photo.

The best Twitter account appears more personal to the company. Making corporate websites, advertisements and promotion need to have a human filling that twitter user craves.

The Twitter account used to post or to tweet irrelevant things will be seen irrelevant. The tweet should be real to people who represent the company. By inserting URLs and creating a homepage you will make good use of the space. Also, you need to be conversational.

3: Tweet regularly

This shows how active you are and the level of seriousness you have on your work. Tweeting once after 3 days or after a week even or after a week worsens your account making people to forget about your account.

Commitment in posting at least once a day or twice makes your audience to visit your account regularly to get information on your product.

It is recommended for users to ensure daily posting to increase the engagement making one top in mind on a consistent basis also, make sure you tweet relevant and useful information, content your audience will read, click the love button and re-tweet or even like your tweet.

One can check what his influencers are posting and to ensure you post related content. But compare your content with them and the interest of their followers in order to get the right audience. If one of the influencers likes or share your tweet, make sure you acknowledge them by re-twitting their tweets too.

Never divert your content to look controversial as this can make you lose followers but stay focused on the company will, always keep interesting ranging from the photos links and sometimes make sure you ask questions. Make sure your content has a high capacity of creativity.

4: Use images and videos

Images and videos in other media platform have proven to receive more views, clicks, and shares compared to word tweets.  When Twitter introduced a stream of profile and timeline of a profile picture and videos it has impacted on the numbers of retweets.

Twitter provides an analysis of the impact of introducing videos and photos on tweets and retweet rates. This is can be done using buffer analysis although it doesn’t give a general hint because of a limited specific profile.

Twitter managers can do a great job by engaging followers who use photos on their tweets, in fact, researchers, show rich tweets have significantly lowered negative feedback rates as consumers appreciate interactivity and content designed for their social mobile context.

Photos and videos give information which cannot be given by text; it explains the details of the product and shows how it works. Like advertising a school via Twitter one needs to take the sample of videos and pictures to show the facilities offered in the school. Clients are likely to be attracted by images more than giving details of the school via text.

5:Make tweets conversational

Tweet with funny quotes communicates better than just a normal tweet. Tweets should consist of headline with a link or URLs. This is a way that a lot of brands market their products via Twitter and the brand becomes dimensional.

Making tweets conversational creates a room for communication and engagements.

Tagging controversial people with great influence in the community increases a chance of your tweet to trend. Those people have got huge feedback which can help your followers to see your tweets and retweets severally thus improving your brand.

To make your tweets controversial and create broadcasting conversation one should use some marketing strategy to engage your customer, like twitting a question, making 40% of your tweets replies to other people. Adding a line of own insight to spark conversation, by using link and tweet directly to your audience making it to appear as notification on their wall.

6: Practice Good etiquette on your tweets

Using polite customary code of behavior to your audience creates a good rapport to your customers. Companies apply etiquette from their profile for general viewership.

When following people who can create impact to your account and your brand you should consider the following

You should follow people who bring value, don’t follow people without impact because they may be abusive to your account.

When using company profile, the company should ensure they follow back their customers to ensure their customer’s taken care of.

Twitter as a marketing tool makes people follow back in most cases if one follows you, you can’t ignore them. You should greet them and know if they require anything from you.

Because Twitter is a public platform it is necessary that you tweet publicly and avoid direct messages unless it’s necessary. Twitter crisis is common and a group can benefit from knowing the answer.

Sometimes people make mistakes while tweeting, bear in mind that Twitter community can be temperamental but passionate, they will boost your brand and product if you respond to their criticism well and in a way geared towards helping them, also, clarify your thoughts well for your customers to understand you.


Twitter as a marketing platform has become common to many businesses and marketers because many people are on Twitter gathering information, checking out what others are saying about their brands and engaging in conversations. The platform creates a base for companies and brands and consumers to advertise their products and engage their customer in real-time.

Twitter has a short list of key features that connect its users. A message on twitter containing 140 characters or less consisting of a photo, a link or a video communicates well and sends the required message to the target customer.

One can know directly how the tweet has impacted the customer by checking the retweets, favorites, and likes which makes it an effective marketing tool.

Hashtags popularize your tweets; this is just a symbol # which makes your tweet to be seen by different people, making those interested to follow you and give there feedback concerning your product.

Popular hashtags appear in trending topics section on Twitter, this makes searching if certain trending hashtags to become easy. You can use hashtags also to share your URLs for more information about your product.

Other than interacting with consumers and building relationships, brands can participate in marketing and activities on Twitter. There are customer service, brand building, promotion and sponsored tweets which improves company’s brand.

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