Doesn’t it sound unbelievable how once just a Facebook-owned app has now turned into something of a smashing hit, which has completely changed the way people look at social media channels now? Well, something mind-boggling has happened that has turned this app into a home to more than 400 million active users.

Yes, you get it right; I am talking about one of the top social media platforms called Instagram.  It has captured such a huge number of users and that too in a very short time.

It was back in 2010 that this amazing thing came into social media existence. And, now all the top brands, celebrities, reputed businessmen, and even the social media influencers have started engaging their targeted audience through this very channel.

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So, why are people going crazy over this social media channel? What’s the use of uploading pictures and videos online? Why are so many images and videos being uploaded here every single day?

Well, the answer is simple. We humans love VISUALS, and this is one of those reasons why Instagram is now heading the social media.

Content sharing on Instagram has gone beyond sharing pictures and videos with family and friends.

While there is some part of the population that has already sunk their teeth into this platform, a few others are still wondering what exactly is going on here. For them, who are confused about what’s making all those people share their pictures and videos on this platform, I believe that it is the time you try it.

The world is here, then why aren’t you?

And, this is why I’m here  – to guide all the Instagram newbies on how to deal with this social media platform right from the beginning.

So, let’s take a look at how this platform works, and what you really need to do for becoming popular on this channel.


Instagram is a social networking app that has been engineered to share the photos and videos using your Smartphone. Similar to other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, people who create an Instagram account have a profile and a news feed here. So, that means when you post an image or video on this platform, it will be displayed online on your profile. And, people who will follow you can see what you have posted online, just like you can see their posts.

Instagram Guide what is Instagram

What about Interaction?

You can simply follow people on Instagram, comment, like, tag, and even private message them for fortifying your networking.

Before we begin with how you can create an account here, let’s see whether or not your device is compatible with this app.


Instagram app is available for free and people who have iOS and Android devices can install it easily in minutes. Of course, you can use your laptop or computer for using this app, but you will be restricted from enjoying some features that otherwise can be availed on the phone.


The main activity, which is uploading pictures and videos followed by sharing, will be done on the smartphone only.

So, yes, you will need a smartphone to enjoy this app.


Remember, setting up an Instagram account is as easy as pie. And, here is the complete process in 10 easy steps.

Men on the street photographing with a mobile phone, the background is the blured city

Take a look!

Step #1: Install the Instagram App

  • Start by installing the Instagram app on your smartphone. You can simply go to the Play Store and search Instagram there. As soon as you see it, click on the ‘Install’ button to get it on your phone.
  • Once the app is installed, open it.
  • Tap ‘Register with Email’ to sign up with your email address or you can even choose to register with your Facebook account, in case you don’t want to use an email to do so.
  • If you are going with the former option, you will have to create a username and password, fill up the profile information, and finally click ‘Done’ for completing your profile. And, in case, the latter one is your choice, you will be prompted to sign into your Facebook account (in case you are logged out).

Step #2: Choosing the Picture Perfect

A good profile will always show a nice DP (display picture), which will help people in recognizing you. So, simply begin by choosing the best picture of yours and setting it as your display picture. Avoid using pictures of celebrities or other renowned personalities, as it is your account and people should know the real person, whom they are interacting with.

How to choose the perfect pictures for instagram. instagram guide

Your image is your pitch and definition, which will feed their minds with what’s in store for them. So, keep it nice and smiling!

Step #3: Writing an Incredible Bio

If you are not Starbucks, make sure you are writing every line of bio with care. Ideally, the bio must be around 150 characters, which should convey your ideas and information appropriately. You can simply utilize this space to:

Tell people why they should follow you

Introduce them to what you are selling and if it will help them

Yes, adding a hashtag and the link to your website in the bio is also a great option.

Step #4: Recognize Your Goals

So, before you start posting your first picture/video, you will need to figure out what is the main aim that is making you join this channel. Are you here to sell some products and services, or just want to fortify your network?

Generally, there are 5 good reasons why brands use Instagram. And, they are:

    1. Promoting products and services
    1. Advertising to customers
    1. Increasing the awareness of the brand
    1. Constructing a community
  1. Informing people about the values and cultures of your company

So, recognize why you want to use your Instagram account. It will give you an idea about how to proceed with posting and sharing in future.

Step #5: Categorize Your Ideal Audience

Sadly, posting engaging images is not enough. You will need to take a step further to ensure that your content reaches the ideal audience. So, simply start with identifying your audience keeping in mind why you are here. Find out if your targeted audience is going to be young or old, businessmen or non-profit organizations, and so forth.

Step #6: Trending Hashtags Work!

Hashtags play an important role in improving engagement and activity of the images. The Hashtags should not only relate to the images, but also to the brand you are promoting. Experts say that the posts with Hashtags work better than those without it and increase post engagement as well as Instagram followers.

For instance, you can take ideas from an interesting trend that almost everyone follows on this platform. Like #ThrowbackThursday is used when someone shares old pictures and videos, you too can find some Hashtags matching that particular day. Being one of those brands on Instagram, even you can use it to promote your stuff.

For finding the Hashtags that work, you can simply go to Google and search for some trending Hashtags to send  your post at the top of all those popular posts.

Step #7: Call to Action on Images

If you want to increase the activity on your Instagram posts, simply ask your viewers or followers to double-tap the image, comment, and even share the image. This is one of the best ways to interact with them and improve the activity on Instagram.

For example, you can upload two products in one image and ask the users, which one is looking better.

You can check here how to write a killer call-to-action!

Step #8: Use Instagram Direct

With the recent launch of this amazing feature, one can simply send pictures and videos to the followers, be it individually or in groups. The group could be as big as 15 users to whom you want to send the image and the video. This tool is extremely powerful and has helped people in improving the marketing and outreach. And, this will lead you to get more and more followers, thereby improving your profile on Instagram.

Step #9: Time is the Key

You can get real Instagram likes and comments to the posts simply by scheduling the posts at the right time. Different users log onto their Instagram accounts at different times. And, if you are posting your images/videos at the right time, you are surely going to make a big difference. So, search for the right time for your images and videos and improve your profile like never before.

The next thing that will help you post right at the most suited time is by choosing the right time zone for your targeted customers. If you know the suited time of the targeted location, you will get to see when users will view their feeds in the morning and even after work.

Therefore, knowing the ideal time for the targeted location is a must.

So, in these nine steps, you can easily create your profile, complete it, and even start promoting your business to get maximum likes and comments.

Step #10: Concentrate on Creating High-Quality Content

Good content is the key to ensure that you reach your goals and market effectively. And, by the content, I mean everything, right from the text and images to the videos. If the content is attractive and descriptive enough, the visitors will themselves come back again and again to read it. And, this is how you get more and more followers on Instagram.

Post at the right time and don’t stuff too many things into your picture. Find out what do you want to portray on Instagram and center things around it. This will simply grab the visitors’ attention, without diverting their mind to too many things.

You can always experiment with your content, as people love to see something that is fresh, here on Instagram. It may be pictures with faces, showing people at your workplace, things going on in the mall, and different things that can grab their attention instantly.

That’s it!

So, this is how you set up an account, upload the pictures and videos, and share the content to get the maximum reach for your products and services, in case your aim is to promote your business.

All you need to do is download the app, complete the profile, and begin following people that you think will bring benefit to your business.

Well, this is the not the end of this valuable guide, my aim is not fulfilled yet, especially if you are here to make money and earn profits.

So, if you are a newbie and want to generate sales and leads from this channel, just follow my lead!!!


So, what is it like to earn through Instagram? Is it simple or will I be spending my entire day and life just posting and sharing? Well, this is what most of the ‘Instagram newbies’ think, when they first use this platform for business.

But, guys, business here on this social media channel is super fun.

No, you don’t need to spend your entire life just posting and sharing, but yes, you will need to dedicate a considerable amount of time to ensure that your business works while earning some genuine leads.

What should one do for creating a base, so that they follow you, like your products and services, and finally turn into your potential customer?

FOLLOW THE BASICS! Well this is what we would suggest you to do, first.

This means reaching out to a larger number of people out there. And, you do this by following the people of your interest and telling them about your products and services. Of course, it is going to consume some time to increase the reach, but once done, there is nothing that can stop you from growing your business and generating genuine leads with passing time.

Are there any tools that can help you in growing your business?

Well, of course, yes!!!

But, with the availability of so many tools for this channel, it can be perplexing to pick one. Don’t worry, there are some features, knowing which can take you closer to the right tool for your business on Instagram.

So, let’s take a look at the features that you should be looking in those tools or software here!

  • Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Ideally you can manage only one account at a time, but there are software that allow you to use more than one Instagram account and let you manage everything easily. It is something you should be looking for. It would be even better if the software gives you an option to purchase an Agency License if you would like to manage Instagram accounts of your clients.

  • Targeted Posts, User Search, and Tags

Another feature that the best tools must have is offering the ability to find the relevant content and conduct proper market research. Software should be such that it allows you to search through a wide range of content, be it geo targeting, Hashtags, users, or profiles.

If these are the features offered by the tool or software you are using, choosing it would be the best thing you can do to grow your network, and eventually the business. Besides this, you will also be able to engage yourselves with other Instagram accounts that share the similar interest like you.

Instagram Stories is perhaps the latest feature of Instagram.  So, choose software that allows you to easily create and upload your short compilations of images on Instagram.

  • Search and Share Viral Content

Something that can give you an access to trending information and Hashtags is great. So, why not choose something that allows you to do so? It is a great idea to grow your network and increase the reach of your posts. If it even gives you an option to trim these videos to correct the length and post them with a description, even better.

  • Manage Your Followers

You should be given the freedom to manage your account fully. Be it people you follow or those following you, the software must give you the ease and comfort to manage everything smoothly.

  • Private Messaging Option

Software that lets you send those private messages to engage the followers is the best pick to reach more people and grow your business and leads. Also, there should also be an option to respond back to all the people who have messaged you.

So, hey newbies! This is how you must choose the software to ensure that the ball is your court, and that you are growing your network, business, and eventually some genuine leads.

This was how a software should be chosen to improve the lead generation and business!

But, is there any other way to generate leads besides using software or tools?

Umm, yes, there is!

All you need to do for that is understand how things go about on Instagram. Here it is for you!


As now we know that Instagram is not only for sharing the pictures of coffee, breakfast, and your pets, it’s time to get into some serious business.

Lead generation and growing business are easy on Instagram. But, with so many mouths telling so many different strategies, one may get confused about which one to keep and which one to ignore.

So, before you get stuck into one of those wrong strategies, here is how to choose the best one and follow the right path that leads to success.

  • Start Targeting Select Audience

Before you spot on any lead generation campaign, it is important that you answer the most important question, which is:

Who is your ideal lead?

And, some more!!!

    1. What do they listen to, watch and read?
    1. What goals and values do they believe in?
    1. What do they invest their time in?
  1. How and where do they spend their holidays?

So, having a very clear picture of whom you are going to target is important. This is crucial because:

    • You will be easily able to find those people on the platform.

Instagram is not the place where links will work except for one aspect, which is in the bio description. So, if you are looking forward to seeing success with Instagram, you will have to use this link effectively.

And the good news is that you can change the link as many times as you want!!!

Include a website link on your profile because it is only in the bio that the link is going to work. So, let people click this link and increase the number of your followers today.

  • Optimization is the Key

When the ideal lead lands on your profile, they should see something very quickly, which is:

    • You
  • What they can gain by looking at your profile

Optimization is the key when it comes to achieving success on Instagram. And, it is only through consistent branding and a benefit driven description that you can compel the followers and engage them for hours and hours on your profile.

Don’t forget to add a compelling call-to-action to ensure that your customers are reaching at the right place instantly.

  • Branding

Right from your Instagram handle, to your display picture, and the feel of the content, everything should talk about your brand. It must directly appeal to the customers and they must know what you are selling in real.

So, promoting the brand starts right from the name and continues to grow with your pictures, videos, and even the stories that are the latest feature of Instagram.

  • Share Your Fan Stories: Only the Genuine Ones Though!

You build up and strengthen the authenticity of the brand when there are fans to back you up. So, when real people are there to support you, vouching for you, chances are that a huge amount of population will trust you. Be it the new audience or the existing one, you will be able to build the trust and authenticity among the visitors.

And, when you have become one of the most trusted entities for your customers, your business is going to skyrocket in no time.

Through this process, eventually, you will draw in more of the leads and turning them into the potential customers will no more be a task after this. Plus, why not use the latest feature called ‘Instagram Stories’ to broaden the horizon of your business instantly.

So, share as much fan stories as you can and your business is going to get the authenticity and business, it always deserved.

  • Give a Face to Your Brand

Generating leads become easy when you put a human face on your brand. Most customers are tired of pushy sales messages. In reality, they want something genuine and interactive that can actually help them in getting to the actual use of your product or service.

So, with this platform, you have the power to do this just by adding a human touch to all your interactions, be it an image, a video, or a description that you have written.

Plus, humanizing your brand can even strengthen the trust among the customers. It is a great thing, which can help in growing the followers and eventually your business.

By doing this, you can even win the loyalty of your existing and new customers. So, it is a win-win situation for you in both the cases.

  • BUY NOW Button will Work Magically!

Don’t let your customers go away from the profile, just because they are not able to find the BUY button on the profile. No matter, how enticing the product is, if you don’t make it easy for them to buy it, they will leave.

So, why not add a ‘BUY NOW” button right below the product to make it easy for them to shop for your products and avail the services?

Be sure that the products stand out and that it’s as easy as possible to buy once a customer commits.


I hope this guide would help you in understanding Instagram, right from downloading the app, to creating the account and reaching the followers, and finally generating the leads. With this new and fun app, there is no need to carry those laptops or sit on computers for hours and hours. Simply downloading an app would do.

Instagram Guide

Instagram has come with a breeze of success,  just follow these tips and tricks, and make way to a successful business while enjoying the fun and entertainment on Instagram.

So, don’t ask why Instagram?

Go ahead and download this app today (in case you haven’t yet) and take your first step to a successful business today. And, for those who are already using this app on their devices, you have a way ahead to go.


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