Are you wondering what are the most popular platforms to self-publish your eBook and make money? This article is for you.

Keep reading to know where to start selling your eBooks right now.

So you have a message to shout out or you are looking to build an audience; you’ve created an excellent eBook but you are wondering where to share it with the world? You are on the right page.

Have you ever wondered where the most successful authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and writers published their books?

These guys have mastered the art of self-publishing. They have used this skill to attract a huge cult-like following and built trust using books. And if you want to build a brand, attract traffic to your website, or make money online, self-publishing is the way to go.

But with so many platforms, it can be challenging to choose the best out of the plethora of choices out there.

Don’t worry, I have scoured the internet and pulled out the most popular platforms to self-publish your eBook and make money online.

Well, there are tons of platforms, unfortunately, I couldn’t pull all of them out but I picked the best and most popular ones you can self-publish your digital book.

But before that, let’s take a look at the good reasons you should create an eBook for your business.

The Benefits of Creating an eBook for Your Business

Whether you are an online entrepreneur, a writer, or a blogger, you can benefit a lot from creating eBooks. Self-publish an eBook is a powerful content marketing strategy every business shouldn’t ignore. And if you are not creating eBooks for your business, don’t blame your competitors for your failure but yourself.

EBooks are currently an 8.69 billion dollar industry and you can expect it to hit the ceiling as more people are self-publishing their eBooks every day.

Why are you not creating eBooks for your business?

Is it because you’ve never tried it before?

Or maybe you are wondering how worthy is an eBook for your business.

If you haven’t started creating eBooks for your business, then these benefits should convince you to start doing it now.

Attract Targeted Leads

It’s not a question; eBooks will help to generate targeted leads for your business.

See, once you give them something valuable, you can even ask for their personal information and they will give you. This means they like your work and these are the people you can target since already they have shown interest in your products or services.

An excellent eBook that informs, educates, and entertains is more likely to convert readers into buyers, trust me.

Here are some practical tips to attract the right leads using eBooks.

  • Define your target readers– These are people who are interested in reading your eBooks, who you have high odds of converting them into real customers.
  • Know what they want– Are they looking to solve a problem? Do they want to learn something new? Do you have the expertise to serve them according to their needs?…
  • Create your eBook- Assuming you’ve done all your research and identified what your target wants; you can create an eBook based on your researched topics.
  • Promote your eBooks to them- Find the right channels to promote your eBooks to your target audience.
  • Ask them to give you their emails so you can send them your eBooks direct to their inbox- This is a sweet trap to capture their emails so that you can be sending them updates whenever you launch a new product or if you have an upcoming blog post you don’t want your target audience to miss.

If you do it rightly, they will give you their emails, you send them daily updates, and eventually, they become your real customers and brand ambassadors.

Drive More Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Once you have successfully created your eBooks for your business and started promoting them through various channels, you can start to see traffic coming to your website, product page, or blog.

Note that to achieve this, you need to include a compelling call-to-action in your eBooks. Think Maveric has been able to get 10 new downloads every day to his Entrepreneur magazine app, through his eBook “How to Self-Publish an eBook on Amazon”.

eBooks are Easy to Create

Don’t be cheated, if you listen to the cowards and lazy entrepreneurs, they will tell you creating an eBook is no easy task but the reality is that eBooks are easy to create, trust me. In fact, they are FREE to create. Yes, you heard me.

Besides, you don’t need to be an expert to create one for your business. If you can type content in Word Document or PowerPoint, then you’ve got no reason not to start creating eBooks for your business. You can also get high-quality cover images for your eBook for free on the internet.

Establish Yourself as an Authority in the Industry

Whether you overflowing knowledge about healthy, make money online or you are experienced in the automotive industry, you can always build yourself as an authority in that particular area by creating eBooks.

EBooks are the best media to build trust and reputation. Once you create your first, second, third, or even forth eBook on the same niche, people will know that you are an expert in that niche.

eBooks Give You an Edge Over The Competition

The competition in the business world is getting stiffer by day. You need to stand out from the competition. You need to claim your share in the market.

But how do you achieve this?

It’s simple, with all other strategies you take; creating eBooks should be your #2 if not #1 in your strategies. This is especially important if your competitors are focusing on other content marketing strategies apart from eBooks.

Creating eBooks is an effective way to promote and market your products and services.

Generate Passive Income

Well, money is not always the sole purpose of creating eBooks but truth be told, you can create a passive income from selling eBooks.

Build a Lasting Connection While Engaging With Your Target Audience

Creating eBook for your business is a fantastic way to build and grow your email list-you already know (unless you are new to this) how beneficial an engaged email list can be to your business.

Just create valuable eBooks, promote them to your target audience then ask them to give you their email address. Once they see the value from your eBooks, you’ve already seduced them.

And since you will take their emails, you can continue building a strong a lasting relationship with them.

eBooks are Accessible Everywhere

Life is busy, and although blog posts and articles are surefire ways to share content with your target audience, sometimes people want something they have access to even when they are offline and that’s what an eBook can do.

A reader will download an eBook and store it for later use. The good thing about eBooks is that one can read them whenever they want. They can read them while traveling or even when at home after work.

In short, eBooks are convenient for people on the go.

It’s important to note that even though eBooks can offer plenty of benefits to your business, you must be generous with the information you share. Always aim to provide value to your readers and once they trust you, they can share your eBooks with friends, colleagues, and families.

This way, you grow a huge following and increase your reach.

Now that you know how beneficial eBooks are for your business, let me show you where to self-publish yours.

7 Most Popular Platforms to Self-Publish Your Ebook

1.  Kobo Writing Life

Kobo Writing Life (Most Popular Platforms to Self-Publish Your Ebook and Earn Money)

Kobo Writing Life boasts more than 1 million readers currently, and even though the platform only has 2% of the eBook market share, it’s a suitable eBook self-publishing platform for everyone wanting to take their business to the next level.

When you sell your eBooks on this platform, you can expect it to reach people in around 190 countries and 68 languages worldwide.

The good thing about this platform is that it’s easy to use and this makes it a suitable platform for beginner authors. You just create an author account, upload your manuscript, hit the submit button and wait for your eBooks to travel the world within 72 hours.

Another good thing about Kobo Writing Life is that the platform partners with the American Booksellers Association so you rest assured, as long as your eBooks are valuable, they will be more visible to a wider audience.

You will also be provided with sales data. You can also download the Kobo Writing Life app on Android and Mac.

A good rule of thumb is to read their publishing terms and conditions before you upload your manuscripts.

Overall, Kobo Writing Life is the best platform to self-publish your eBooks and earn money, especially if you are just getting your feet wet in the industry. Besides, they are the best option for long-term writers even though their reach in the UK and US is small.

2.  Amazon Kindle Publishing (KDP)

Self-publish your eBook on the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform and make money

Amazon is the most popular platform to self-publish your eBooks, taking 80% of the eBook market share in all the English-language countries on the planet.

If you publish your eBook on Amazon, you can expect to reach more than 300 million users who are already buying and reading books from this platform.

The good thing about Amazon Kindle Publishing is that you can get your eBook live in less than 24 hours, as long as you have all the details. The publishing process can take around 10-50 minutes.

The pricing on this platform is divided into two categories.

Category one: If you publish Kindle eBooks with a price between $2.99 and $9.99, amazon pays a royalty rate of 70%.

Category two: If you publish Kindle eBooks with a price below $2.99 and above $9.99, Amazon pays a royalty rate of 30%.

The good thing about Amazon is that the platform offers other amazing features such as the KDP Select where you can take a 90-day exclusive digital promotion deal and then your eBooks will be marketed in the Kindle Lending Library.

Other features include Kindle Countdown Deals, free book distribution, etc.

Overall, Amazon is the greatest platform to self-publish your eBooks and make money on the internet.

You can sell your books on different platforms and distribute them yourself via the KDP Select feature. Here is a guide for authors based outside the US but would like to publish their books on Amazon US.

3.  Smashwords


Smashwords is a free book publishing platform, suitable, especially for independent writers. Mark Coker started this platform in 2008 but as you read this article, the platform has attracted more than 135,000 authors worldwide.

When you publish your books on Smashwords, the platform promotes them to customers via Amazon Kindle, Noble Nook, iPhones, and other online readers.

Smashwords is also the largest aggregator platform with a huge following and offers excellent publishing features you can’t get on other platforms in this article.

The good thing about Smashwords offers the highest royalty program where publishers get 60% of the list price from larger book retailers and 80% on its own store.

What’s more, you can easily become a bestseller on this platform as long as you generate accumulated sales during the preorder period which you have to establish 12 months before.

Overall, Smashwords beats Draft2Digtial by far. It’s the largest aggregator platform with the highest royalty program. Their visibility is also incomparable. Besides, when you publish books on this platform, you also enjoy plenty of free services.

4.  Draft2Digital


Another platform that’s also among the top 2 eBook aggregator sites is the Draft2Digital. Check the comparison between Smashwords and Draft2Digtial here.

The good thing about this platform is that it offers support to independent authors who are looking to publish their books there.

When publishing your books on the platform they will aid in the formatting, publishing in different media, and promote the books for you on various platforms including iBooks, Kobo, Nook, etc.

You also get the free reign to select the listing price and manage your transactions. You do all these for free by the way.

This platform is perhaps a suitable one for authors with a busy life since the platform can help you with different services.

Draft2Digital charges you 15% of everything you earn. Besides, the platform is easy to use.

5.  Nook Press

Nook Press

When you visit their platform, you are welcome by a tagline that reads “Bestsellers Start Here”. But is that true about Nook Press?

Let’s find out.

First of all, Nook Press is a book publishing platform by Barnes & Noble, a Fortune 500 company and famous bookseller.

This platform is great for use by aspiring independent booksellers and the owners have made everything easy by including easy-use content tools, 24/7 email support, and sharing communities.

The platform allows you to monitor your sales daily.

Given that almost everyone has access to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers, self-publishing isn’t a thing to worry about nowadays. Through this platform, you can get everything done within 20 minutes. You can also print hardcover and paperback copies if you wish. What’s more, you can create, edit, and sell your book through their Bookstore.

Nook Press offers their users downloadable apps to install on all mobile devices and the apps can be accessed on any browser.

When compared with Amazon Kindle Publishing, Nook Press seems to have simpler royalty calculation, but you must follow these requirements.

  • Don’t charge more on Nook.
  • Your eBook shouldn’t be costly than your hardcopy.
  • Observe the minimum and maximum pricing policy.

Unlikely, Nook Press is available to UK, US, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, and Germany.

Overall, even though Nook is available only to the countries I have listed above, if you are targeting readers from these states, you would benefit a lot by self-publishing your eBooks on the platform.

6.  Gumroad


Founded by Sahil Lavingia, Gumroad is also another amazing platform that brings creators and customers together.

The good thing about this platform is that it allows the assimilation of your eBook sales into other platforms such as your social media account, blog or website.

Gumroad is dominated by coders who sell digital products and books so if you are looking for a good platform to sell your books together with audio or video, then this platform would make the best option for you.

In fact, Nathan Barry the CEO of ConvertKit used this platform to sell more than $500k of products and books.

If you have a free version, you pay a rate of 8.5%+30 cents on every transaction you make and $10 if you have the premium version.

Overall, Gumroad is the best platform of choice if you want to sell other digital products alongside your eBooks.

7.  iBooks Author

iBooks Author

iBooks is thought to be position 2 with 10% of all eBook sales. As you can see, the number is small, but considering the popularity that Apple products command, iBooks Author is a platform you should consider selling your books there.

You can also download the iBooks app from the Mac app store. The platform is user-friendly and its royalty rate is 70% for all sales in all countries hence making it the best eBook publishing platform of all time.

Overall, if you have a Mac, iBook is the best platform to sell your eBooks. In fact, the iBooks app has more downloads than the Kindle despite being only available on the Mac app store.

Perhaps the only drawback about iBooks is that you will need to buy a Mac but for long-term goals, iBooks wins.

Other platforms to self-publish your eBooks and make money include:

#1 Lulu

Through Lulu, you can create and publish your eBooks and sell on other different platforms and stores. Besides, the platform can convert your books to other forms such as print and eBook.

The good thing about Lulu is that it’s a free eBook publishing platform. Well, you can also hire Lulu to take care of the editing, designing, and proofreading work for you.

You have full control over the process from beginning to end. Another good thing about Lulu is that the platform has worldwide distribution capabilities, so you rest assured your books will reach a wider readership.

What’s more, you can publish your book on the platform and then convert it into other forms so that your e-readers can also get it via mobile devices.

Overall, Lulu is a fantastic platform to consider publishing your eBooks, given that you can do everything (or hire Lulu to do everything for you), then sell your books to different platforms.

#2 Inkshares (US)

Inkshares isn’t just an ordinary eBook publishing platform. In fact, it’s more than just a platform to publish your eBooks and earn money. This crowdfunded platform will brainstorm with you during the creation of your eBook.

You just upload a draft describing your eBook in one sentence or less then the platform will create a draft page based on your description of your eBook.

The platform will take care of the whole editorial work from creating to editing, proofreading to publishing.

Through this platform, you earn 35% of the net sales. This means you will earn the amount left after they take their production and promotion charges from the sales you get. You don’t pay crowdfunding fees.

Once they create a draft page of your eBook, they will then publish it on their platform to seek feedback from readers. This is a good way to learn what your readers want you to write about.

Overall, Inkshares may not be a suitable platform for new or independent writers. But if you are looking to have your books published fast, you can consider this platform. Read their FAQs page to learn more about them.

#3 Unbound (UK)

You can call Unbound (UK) a sister platform to Inkshares (US). This platform is said to be suitable for writers who aren’t faint-hearted. You can check that on their FAQs page.

Through this platform, you earn 50% royalty. Well, this is a higher royalty compared to other traditional publishers. The platform will also brainstorm with you, edit, publish and distribute your eBooks.

This platform differs from other crowdfunded sites in that they imitate all the traditional features of a publisher.

Ready to Get Started With EBook Self-Publishing?

There you have it: 7 most popular platforms to self-publish your eBooks and make money on the internet.

Choose any of these platforms, use it rightly, and your eBooks will be visible to your readers within no time.

If you can try one for a little while to see whether it’s the best one for you before going to another one.

Enjoy your eBook sales!


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