Six ways on how to use Twitter as an effective marketing tool

Just like any other form of a social media network, Twitter is used by marketers to build credibility, influence, and awareness. In fact, it is one of the best platform marketers use to advertise their goods and products as a display to their clients online.

Twitter enables users to post a series of short narration and high pictured calls which communicate. This platform is used by investors and company owners to market their products visible to a certain targeted audience.

The way a user tweets make the tweet to be effective to customers by considering some factors including the quality of the tweets, how regular you are in your tweets and how you integrate with your Twitter account.

Companies and brands who market via Twitter should establish a dominant position in their areas to become experts in establishing a huge number of followers by ensuring that they reach the required audience.

They should consider the age of their audience, the competitors, time of marketing, and the relevance of the product. In this way, Twitter would be the most effective way of marketing.

Unlike on Facebook, Twitter has limited characters which limit one to add more information about the product. It has 140 characters which can include links, blog post, websites, PDF documents, pictures, and videos.

For one to see your tweet they must subscribe to your account and you follow other people which will enable you to read, reply to and share tweets with your followers

Top ways on how to use Twitter as an effective marketing tool

  1. Interact with influencers and experts in your target area

Influencers on Twitter have massive followers, getting influencers in touch with your business improves your marketing. Tagging influential people like journalist, leaders, big name bloggers, politicians etc and engaging them daily on your product builds the opportunity to collaborate

Sharing the same hashtags with influencer increases the chances of expanding your audience. Also, new people who will follow and retweet your product make your product be seen by many audiences which improves your brand visibility.

Finding public relation personnel, who is an expert in marketing through Twitter makes your product credible and effective to the market and to the target audience.

2: Setting up company Twitter profile

Giving an outline of your company shows the seriousness of your business to your clients. You can use the below steps to make your comprehensive Twitter profile

  1. Selecting a username for your account which should be simple, with fewer words to attract the audience-You maybe write it using graphics to make it more attractive to the audience
  2. Create a URL web which makes one to easily such your account by following the link and get all the information from your account. The URL link also helps to generate website traffic.
  3. Using hashtags for the relevant keywords makes all those who use the same hashtag to see your product because they have related concept.
  4. Make an incredible image for a profile picture or a logo which has few details about your product. You may include a banner image branded by colors appropriate, with a high-quality photo.

The best Twitter account appears more personal to the company. Making corporate websites, advertisements and promotion need to have human filling that twitter user craves.

Twitter account used to post or to tweet irrelevant things will be seen irrelevant. The tweet should be real to people who represent the company. By inserting URLs and creating a homepage you will make good use of the space. Also, you need to be conversational.

3: Tweet regularly

This shows how active you are and the level of seriousness you have on your work. Tweeting once after 3 days or after a week even or after a week worsens your account making people to forget about your account.

Commitment in posting at least once a day or twice makes your audience to visit your account regularly to get information on your product.

It is recommended for users to ensure daily posting to increase the engagement making one top in mind on a consistent basis also, make sure you tweet relevant and useful information, content your audience will read, click the love button and re-tweet or even like your tweet.

One can check what his influencers are posting and to ensure you post related content. But compare your content with them and the interest of their followers in order to get the right audience. If one of the influencers likes or share your tweet, make sure you acknowledge them by re-twitting their tweets too.

Never divert your content to look controversial as this can make you lose followers but stay focused on the company will, always keep interesting ranging from the photos links and sometimes make sure you ask questions. Make sure your content has high capacity of creativity.

4:Use images and videos

Images and videos in other media platform have proven to receive more views, clicks, and shares compared to word tweets.  

When Twitter introduced a stream of profile and timeline of a profile picture and videos it has impacted on the numbers of retweets.

Twitter provides an analysis of the impact of introducing videos and photos on tweets and retweet rates. This is can be done using buffer analysis although it doesn’t give a general hint because of limited specific profile.

Twitter managers can do a great job by engaging followers who use photos on their tweets, in fact, researchers, show rich tweets have significantly lowered negative feedback rates as consumers appreciate interactivity and content designed for their social mobile context.

Photos and videos give information which cannot be given by text; it explains the details of the product and shows how it works. Like advertising a school via Twitter one needs to take the sample of videos and pictures to show the facilities offered in the school. Clients are likely to be attracted by images more than giving details of the school via text.

5:Make tweets conversational

Tweet with funny quotes communicates better than just a normal tweet. Tweets should consist of headline with a link or URLs. This is a way that a lot of brands market their products via Twitter and the brand becomes dimensional.

Making tweets conversational creates a room for communication and engagements.

Tagging controversial people with great influence in the community increases a chance of your tweet to trend. Those people have got huge feedback which can help your followers to see your tweets and retweets severally thus improving your brand.

To make your tweets controversial and create broadcasting conversation one should use some marketing strategy to engage your customer, like twitting a question, making 40% of your tweets replies to other people. Adding a line of own insight to spark conversation, by using link and tweet directly to your audience making it to appear as notification on their wall.

6: Practice Good etiquette on your tweets

Using polite customary code of behavior to your audience creates a good rapport to your customers. Companies apply etiquette from their profile for general viewership.

When following people who can create impact to your account and your brand you should consider the following

  1. You should follow people who bring value, don’t follow people without impact because they may be abusive to your account.
  2. When using company profile, the company should ensure they follow back their customers to ensure their customer’s taken care of.

Twitter as a marketing tool makes people follow back in most cases if one follows you, you can’t ignore them. You should greet them and know if they require anything from you.

Because Twitter is a public platform it is necessary that you tweet publicly and avoid direct messages unless it’s necessary. Twitter crisis is common and a group can benefit from knowing the answer.

Sometimes people make mistakes while tweeting, bear in mind that Twitter community can be temperamental but passionate, they will boost your brand and product if you respond to their criticism well and in a way geared towards helping them, also, clarify your thoughts well for your customers to understand you.


Twitter as a marketing platform has become common to many businesses and marketers because many people are on Twitter gathering information, checking out what others are saying about their brands and engaging in conversations. The platform creates a base for companies and brands and consumers to advertise their products and engage their customer in real-time.

Twitter has a short list of key features that connect its users. A message on twitter containing 140 characters or less consisting of a photo, a link or a video communicates well and sends the required message to the target customer.

One can know directly how the tweet has impacted the customer by checking the retweets, favorites, and likes which makes it an effective marketing tool.

Hashtags popularize your tweets; this is just a symbol # which makes your tweet to be seen by different people, making those interested to follow you and give there feedback concerning your product.

Popular hashtags appear in trending topics section on Twitter, this makes searching if certain trending hashtags to become easy. You can use hashtags also to share your URLs for more information about your product.

Other than interacting with consumers and building relationships, brands can participate in marketing and activities on Twitter. There are customer service, brand building, promotion and sponsored tweets which improves company’s brand.

Instagram – Surefire Tips and Must-Have Instagram Tools to Grow Your Followers


When the word social media is mentioned, what comes to people’s mind is Facebook. However, we have more other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and more that are helpful for business people, individual as well as marketers. In this post, we are majorly going to highlight ways that can help marketers and business people to gain more followers on Instagram and make more sales.

Instagram tools

Instagram is the trending social media platform currently where teenagers and young people share their views, photos, and videos regularly. Being one of the most popular and most used social media platforms, business owners and marketers can make use of this influential tool to grow their businesses by bringing more customers to their websites.

Business people and marketers using Instagram to increase their brand online visibility have no other alternatives but to find ways how to get more followers. Posting your brand’s images and videos online to a greater audience qualifies for more engagements with your followers which results in more sales in the long run.

Luckily, the web is full of tricks, tools, and tactics that can help marketers achieve all this. However, marketers are advised to use the appropriate tool that is best for their brand as well as marketing strategies.

It is important to note that some of the available tools in the market today are still in their initial stages of development although having the appropriate methodology and tools; you can find Instagram to be your best and lucrative visual advertisement and marketing channels for your business.

with millions of users who are online every day, it is good for brand owners and marketers to create and implement a powerful strategy that can help you to stand out from the crowds and prove to your audience that you can address their needs and concerns.

Top 12 Incredible Growth Tactics to gain More Instagram Followers

  • Use your bio in the right way possible

The number one tactic for every marketer or brand owner who would want to increase their Instagram followers is to create an Instagram account and a bio. It is advisable to use your bio link in the best way possible. You can utilize this section by implementing an incredible call to action. Your call to action (CTA) should be brief since a long call to action is will sound boring to your followers. Note that,

Instagram provides only a single clickable link but a very precious one. Many marketers make a mistake of sending their Instagram followers directly to their website’s landing page which makes it impossible for them to collect helpful information that can help to grow a never-ending collaboration with their followers.

Ensure you have a landing page that provides an offer for your Instagram followers. The offer can be in terms of a free eBook, a favorite video they love. You can even decide to offer them a special discount on the products they buy most.

Note that your landing page must be mobile-friendly as many people are using their mobile phones to research and find more information before they decide what products to buy. After your bio link is fully optimized you are now in a better position to write your first post.

  • Post when it is time to and not anyhow

Instagram works almost the same as other social media channels in that it matters a lot to post at the right time. If you have ever done this before, it is good to find out what schedule was successful and follow that. To get a complete analysis of your post history and follower relationship, you can use the best available online tool known as Iconosquare. This tool will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your post history and will help you to know the timing of your Instagram posts.

  • Post frequently

After assessing the timing of your Instagram posts, it is now time to ensure you post consistently. In fact, marketing experts advise marketers to post at least every 6 hours a day and every day. Note that, you should not spam your posts with photos since that will annoy your followers and they might even decide to unfollow you. Ensure you make your followers know that they are going to get more new posts every now and then and this will make them glued to your Instagram account. If you find that you are unable to post consistently by yourself, you can use a tool like Later. This tool will help you to schedule your posts.

  • Use the right hashtags

You are looking for ways to market your brand by gaining more Instagram followers, therefore it is good to post eye-catching, latest and attractive images or videos that will make your followers enjoy following you but on the same, ensure to add the right hashtags on your posts. Using #hashtags on your posts especially the trending ones will make your content visible to your followers and to those who are not following you.

Take time to research the popular and trending hashtags in your niche and then list them. Such #hashtags like #entrepreneur, #startup, and #business are the most trending.

Note: As you attach hashtags, ensure they are the right hashtags. Popular hashtags are superb when it comes to getting more real Instagram likes and engagement.

  • Steal your competitor’s followers

This is also another incredible tactics for marketers to gain more Instagram followers. Here, you should look the followers of your competitors. Ensure to spend some time to interact with your competitor’s Instagram followers as that can be a way to attract new fans. There are higher chances that your competitor’s followers will be interested in your products and services you provide after you start to interact with them. However, you should ensure to steal the followers of your business rival in an ethical way.

You can achieve this ethically by following them as this will make them follow you back, like their uploaded photos, and also ensure you make a comment whenever they post something.  Note that all this needs time and effort to interact with your new audience for you to convince them to try to use your products and services.

  • Sponsor Ads.

Gaining more Instagram followers is one thing and ensuring you positively create an impact is another thing. All these tactics are aimed at building your brand’s online visibility so as to increase your sales.

However, this can be achieved when you spend money. You may think this a money wastage approach, but when you do it appropriately, you will find it profitable in the long run. Here, you need to start by doing enough homework and compile the most influential accounts and influencers in your niche.

Let’s say you are in the business of selling dresses, you need to research on the accounts that deal with fashions. The uses of appropriate hashtags is also applicable at this point, but ensure to use the targeted keywords when finding the big accounts.

The big accounts you compile should have at least 20,000 followers. You should also ensure to find their email address in their accounts. A profile with an email address implies that the owners are open to sponsoring ads.

Send them an inquiry to know whether they are sponsoring ads and at what cost.

  • Like and share photos and videos in your niche.

If you want others to like and share your content, you should also be open to like and share others. It’s a do I do affair. By liking the photos and videos of others, you will be building a strong relationship with appropriate people in your niche and also making your brand to be known to a greater audience.

Search Instagram profiles in your niche, share and like their content. Additionally, you can leave a comment in their posts, but ensure your comments as brief and genuine as possible. On the same point, avoid spamming other user’s posts.

  • Request your followers to tag their friends

You will be shocked to learn that your followers have their own followers and more possibly, those followers of your followers could be from your competitors. Once you ask them to tag their friends, you will be creating an avenue to make your products and services to be known not only to your followers but also to your competitors’ followers.

  • Create your own hashtag

Instead of using the popular and trending hashtags on Instagram, you can initiate your own and exceptional #hashtag and persuade your followers to use it too. This tactic is also another way of getting new followers on your Instagram channel.

However, the #hashtag you create must be related to your business. You can then request your followers to incorporate the #hashtag every time they post a picture of your products and services.

  • Make your Instagram account visible to everyone    

Since your main aim of using Instagram is to get more followers and ultimately make more sales, you should ensure your Instagram social icon is visible on all of your websites, blogs, email and more digital presences. Moreover, ensure to share your account on other social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and many other channels.

  •  Socialize

Instagram is a social media platform. That being said, you need to respond to comments you receive on your photos and comment on others posts. However, you should ensure your comments are genuine and not fake. Join an Instagram community.

  • Try Instagram ads

Instagram advertising is also an incredible way to genuine Instagram followers easily since it makes your content to be visible even to new followers who would not have seen it.

13 Surefire Tools to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is the most influential social media channel currently which is believed to have over 800 million monthly active users with 500 million, users every day. This makes it the most powerful channel for marketers, brand owners as well individual to take advantage of.

Below is a list of 13 tools to help you grow your audience.

1: Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a “Google Analytics for Instagram” that is designed in such a way that it can help users to track important such as the total and, average number of likes, the comments and every activity over a specified period of time. This tool is very helpful to starters who want to promote their Instagram accounts across several social media channels with feed tabs and widgets.

The information you obtain can then help you to determine the type of content that users find to be more appealing. The good thing about this tool is that it enables users to manage all their Instagram accounts from one and the same interface which helps when changing from one account to another.

2: Canva

If you want to create amazing Instagram stories as well as great-looking social media graphics, then Canva is your Instagram tool to use. Canva is downloadable as an app that allows users to design various designs for social media channels. Canva users are offered a wide range of functions thus making it easy to develop stunning visuals for Instagram.

This tool has a wide range of features such as photo effects, icons, photo frames and more that helps Instagram users to create amazing and exceptional Instagram images. This tool is in fact, the most commonly used design tool that social media users can use when creating images for their social media channels, blog posts and more.  

For users on the go, you can download the Canva mobile app for free on iOS

3: Crowdfire

Crowdfire formally known as JustUnfollow was initially designed for Twitter management. It is one of the incredible tools for Instagram users wanting to grow their followers. Today, users can use this well-designed app for Instagram management.

It enables users to unfollow inactive Instagram followers or people who are no longer your followers. Also, Crowdfire enables users to identify pertinent handles such as niche influencers, keep tabs on social media trends on your followers and those who are not followers as well as inactive Instagram users.  

In addition, this tool helps you to manage your followers and provides stats about prospective followers who might be interested in your brand. Crowdfire provides users with a free and a premium version depending on user’s needs.

4: Instamacro

Instamacro is a popular tool that allows Instagram users to gain more followers by popularizing your Instagram profile.  This tool is designed with incredible features; however, it is a costly tool to users when compared to other Instagram tools.

Its packages are offered at $2.99 per day up to $59.99 for thirty days. In fact, this tool is mostly used by people who want to invest more. The reason why it is a costly tool is that its developers believe that the followers and likes that are gained through Instamacro services are real people interested in your brand.

5: Gleam 

Gleam has its unique approach from other tools. It is designed with a widget which you can incorporate into your site and bring visitors to your Instagram profile. This is to say that, the widget allows you to invite users to follow you on Instagram or view your content and thus making them take part in your social media contest.  

Gleam provides users with a free and three paid plans which are Pro, Business, and Premium. When you subscribe to the free plan, you can host many contests, receive many entries and choose up to 10 winners. If you want to gain access to many features like customizing your widget, you can choose the paid plans.

6: Repost for Instagram

Repost is another incredible tool available on the market today. With this tool, users can repost images and clips of other users. This tool works the same as Twitter’s Retweet feature. If you are an Instagrammer and you would want to share a photo of your followers you can use Repost for Instagram to do the reposting in a faster and easier way. The good thing about Repost is that it allows you to bookmark your favorite pictures and videos to repost later.

7: Tagboard

Tagboard is also another amazing content management tool that helps users to keep tabs on the most trending #hashtags on various social media channels. This app also helps users to block offensive content and comments on Instagram with the help of a keyword filter. The app also helps users to have a view of how other brands are using the most trending hashtags and how best you can apply the same in your marketing plan. Tagboard supports interactivity so users can like a page or post a comment straight from the app’s dashboard.

8: PicFlow

Create a 15-second good-looking video slideshow for your audience for Instagram using PicFlow by following the three steps below.

  • Choose your favorite pictures
  • Choose your favorite music
  • Specify the timing of each picture by tapping.

Users who would want to create a more than 15 seconds video can remove the tiny watermark. PicFlow is only available on App Store 

9: Ink361

Ink361 is for you if want to manage Instagram posts, view how your competitors are performing and also discover content in form of graphics faster.  This is a comprehensive tool that provides users with an opportunity to locate new fans of interest.

This provides an avenue to locate people who are interested in your brand. Ink361 is a web-based tool that does not require users to download which helps users to create photo albums and place your followers in a predefined order like how Google+ does. The good thing about this tool is that it allows users to set up alerts for new content. Also, the tool allows users to get an understanding of your impact on the social media channel over time with analytics.

10: Later

Later is a superb and most commonly used marketing channel for Instagram that provides users with an opportunity to visually plan and schedule Instagram content.

11: Aviary

Aviary is an all-in-one image editing tool that is designed with incredible features. These superb features are aimed at helping users design uniform images for a more unified Instagram feed. This tool enables users to heighten images by tapping only once. Users can also incorporate effects and stickers as well as texts in their photos. Users can get this tool on AndroidiOS, and Windows.

12: InstaFollow

InstaFollow is a tool that primarily helps Instagrammers to find niche influencers and pertinent followers on Instagram. This tool provides users with an avenue to engage with their live fans. The good thing about this tool is that it allows users to manage multiple accounts under one roof. InstaFollow is available on App Store

13: Linktree

Linktree is a tool that Instagram users can use it for free to enhance Instagram Traffic. This tool allows users to direct new followers to blogs, websites and other social media platforms. A user connects Linktree to their Instagram profile and a link is received for sharing in a user’s Instagram bio.

A user can then share the link on various digital presences. This tool is available on the web for free but users can upgrade to a paid plan to make their links to work more effectively.


Instagram is a social media platform for photos and videos that has close to 800 million monthly active users and this makes it one of the fastest growing marketing channels. When used properly at the right time, Instagram can be a profitable channel when it comes to list building, driving traffic to your website as well as increasing sales for your online business.

However, this cannot be achieved without the right Instagram tools since more Instagram following increase the chances of making more sales. Having the right Instagram tools in place and making use of the tools in the right possible way can make brands and marketers achieve their targets when it comes to sales. With a vast availability of tools online, users are therefore advised to find the right ones that meet their business needs

Instagram Guide: Everything You Wanted to Know About It


Doesn’t it sound unbelievable how once just a Facebook-owned app has now turned into something of a smashing hit, which has completely changed the way people look at social media channels now? Well, something mind-boggling has happened that has turned this app into a home to more than 400 million active users. Yes, you get it right; I am talking about one of the top social media platforms called Instagram.  It has captured such a huge number of users and that too in a very short time.

It was back in 2010 that this amazing thing came into social media existence. And, now all the top brands, celebrities, reputed businessmen, and even the social media influencers have started engaging their targeted audience through this very channel.

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So, why are people going crazy over this social media channel? What’s the use of uploading pictures and videos online? Why are so many images and videos being uploaded here every single day?

Well, the answer is simple. We humans love VISUALS, and this is one of those reasons why Instagram is now heading the social media.

Content sharing on Instagram has gone beyond sharing pictures and videos with family and friends.

While there is some part of the population that has already sunk their teeth into this platform, a few others are still wondering what exactly is going on here. For them, who are confused about what’s making all those people share their pictures and videos on this platform, I believe that it is the time you try it.

The world is here, then why aren’t you?

And, this is why I’m here  – to guide all the Instagram newbies on how to deal with this social media platform right from the beginning.

So, let’s take a look at how this platform works, and what you really need to do for becoming popular on this channel.


Instagram is a social networking app that has been engineered to share the photos and videos using your Smartphone. Similar to other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, people who create an Instagram account have a profile and a news feed here. So, that means when you post an image or video on this platform, it will be displayed online on your profile. And, people who will follow you can see what you have posted online, just like you can see their posts.

What about Interaction?

You can simply follow people on Instagram, comment, like, tag, and even private message them for fortifying your networking.

Before we begin with how you can create an account here, let’s see whether or not your device is compatible with this app.


Instagram app is available for free and people who have iOS and Android devices can install it easily in minutes. Of course, you can use your laptop or computer for using this app, but you will be restricted from enjoying some features that otherwise can be availed on the phone.

The main activity, which is uploading pictures and videos followed by sharing, will be done on the smartphone only.

So, yes, you will need a smartphone to enjoy this app.


Remember, setting up an Instagram account is as easy as pie. And, here is the complete process in 10 easy steps.

Men on street photographing with mobile phone, background is blured city

Take a look!

Step #1: Install the Instagram App

  • Start by installing the Instagram app on your smartphone. You can simply go to the Play Store and search Instagram there. As soon as you see it, click on the ‘Install’ button to get it on your phone.
  • Once the app is installed, open it.
  • Tap ‘Register with Email’ to sign up with your email address or you can even choose to register with your Facebook account, in case you don’t want to use an email to do so.
  • If you are going with the former option, you will have to create a username and password, fill up the profile information, and finally click ‘Done’ for completing your profile. And, in case, the latter one is your choice, you will be prompted to sign into your Facebook account (in case you are logged out).

Step #2: Choosing the Picture Perfect

A good profile will always show a nice DP (display picture), which will help people in recognizing you. So, simply begin by choosing the best picture of yours and setting it as your display picture. Avoid using pictures of celebrities or other renowned personalities, as it is your account and people should know the real person, whom they are interacting with.

Your image is your pitch and definition, which will feed their minds with what’s in store for them. So, keep it nice and smiling!

Step #3: Writing an Incredible Bio

If you are not Starbucks, make sure you are writing every line of bio with care. Ideally, the bio must be around 150 characters, which should convey your ideals and information appropriately. You can simply utilize this space to:

  1. Tell people why they should follow you
  2. Introduce them to what you are selling and if it will help them

Yes, adding a hashtag and the link to your website in the bio is also a great option.

Step #4: Recognize Your Goals

So, before you start posting your first picture/video, you will need to figure out what is the main aim that is making you join this channel. Are you here to sell some products and services, or just want to fortify your network?

Generally, there are 5 good reasons why brands use Instagram. And, they are:

  1. Promoting products and services
  2. Advertising to customers
  3. Increasing the awareness of the brand
  4. Constructing a community
  5. Informing people about the values and cultures of your company

So, recognize why you want to use your Instagram account. It will give you an idea about how to proceed with posting and sharing in future.

Step #5: Categorize Your Ideal Audience

Sadly, posting engaging images is not enough. You will need to take a step further to ensure that your content reaches the ideal audience. So, simply start with identifying your audience keeping in mind why you are here. Find out if your targeted audience is going to be young or old, businessmen or non-profit organizations, and so forth.

Step #6: Trending Hashtags Work!

Hashtags play an important role in improving engagement and activity of the images. The Hashtags should not only relate to the images, but also to the brand you are promoting. Experts say that the posts with Hashtags work better than those without it and increase post engagement as well as Instagram followers.

For instance, you can take ideas from an interesting trend that almost everyone follows on this platform. Like #ThrowbackThursday is used when someone shares old pictures and videos, you too can find some Hashtags matching that particular day. Being one of those brands on Instagram, even you can use it to promote your stuff.

For finding the Hashtags that work, you can simply go to Google and search for some trending Hashtags to send  your post at the top of all those popular posts.

Step #7: Call to Action on Images

If you want to increase the activity on your Instagram posts, simply ask your viewers or followers to double-tap the image, comment, and even share the image. This is one of the best ways to interact with them and improve the activity on Instagram.

For example, you can upload two products in one image and ask the users, which one is looking better.

You can check here how to write a killer call-to-action!

Step #8: Use Instagram Direct

With the recent launch of this amazing feature, one can simply send pictures and videos to the followers, be it individually or in groups. The group could be as big as 15 users to whom you want to send the image and the video. This tool is extremely powerful and has helped people in improving the marketing and outreach. And, this will lead you to get more and more followers, thereby improving your profile on Instagram.

Step #9: Time is the Key

You can get real Instagram likes and comments to the posts simply by scheduling the posts at the right time. Different users log onto their Instagram accounts at different times. And, if you are posting your images/videos at the right time, you are surely going to make a big difference. So, search for the right time for your images and videos and improve your profile like never before.

The next thing that will help you post right at the most suited time is by choosing the right time zone for your targeted customers. If you know the suited time of the targeted location, you will get to see when users will view their feeds in the morning and even after work.

Therefore, knowing the ideal time for the targeted location is a must.

So, in these nine steps, you can easily create your profile, complete it, and even start promoting your business to get maximum likes and comments.

Step #10: Concentrate on Creating High-Quality Content

Good content is the key to ensure that you reach your goals and market effectively. And, by the content, I mean everything, right from the text and images to the videos. If the content is attractive and descriptive enough, the visitors will themselves come back again and again to read it. And, this is how you get more and more followers on Instagram.

Post at the right time and don’t stuff too many things into your picture. Find out what do you want to portray on Instagram and center things around it. This will simply grab the visitors’ attention, without diverting their mind to too many things.

You can always experiment with your content, as people love to see something that is fresh, here on Instagram. It may be pictures with faces, showing people at your workplace, things going on in the mall, and different things that can grab their attention instantly.

That’s it!

So, this is how you set up an account, upload the pictures and videos, and share the content to get the maximum reach for your products and services, in case your aim is to promote your business.

All you need to do is download the app, complete the profile, and begin following people that you think will bring benefit to your business.

Well, this is the not the end of this valuable guide, my aim is not fulfilled yet, especially if you are here to make money and earn profits.

So, if you are a newbie and want to generate sales and leads from this channel, just follow my lead!!!


So, what is it like to earn through Instagram? Is it simple or will I be spending my entire day and life just posting and sharing? Well, this is what most of the ‘Instagram newbies’ think, when they first use this platform for business.

But, guys, business here on this social media channel is super fun.

No, you don’t need to spend your entire life just posting and sharing, but yes, you will need to dedicate a considerable amount of time to ensure that your business works while earning some genuine leads.

What should one do for creating a base, so that they follow you, like your products and services, and finally turn into your potential customer?

FOLLOW THE BASICS! Well this is what we would suggest you to do, first.

This means reaching out to a larger number of people out there. And, you do this by following the people of your interest and telling them about your products and services. Of course, it is going to consume some time to increase the reach, but once done, there is nothing that can stop you from growing your business and generating genuine leads with passing time.

Are there any tools that can help you in growing your business?

Well, of course, yes!!!

But, with the availability of so many tools for this channel, it can be perplexing to pick one. Don’t worry, there are some features, knowing which can take you closer to the right tool for your business on Instagram.

So, let’s take a look at the features that you should be looking in those tools or software here!

  • Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Ideally you can manage only one account at a time, but there are software that allow you to use more than one Instagram account and let you manage everything easily. It is something you should be looking for. It would be even better if the software gives you an option to purchase an Agency License if you would like to manage Instagram accounts of your clients.

  • Targeted Posts, User Search, and Tags

Another feature that the best tools must have is offering the ability to find the relevant content and conduct proper market research. Software should be such that it allows you to search through a wide range of content, be it geo targeting, Hashtags, users, or profiles.

If these are the features offered by the tool or software you are using, choosing it would be the best thing you can do to grow your network, and eventually the business. Besides this, you will also be able to engage yourselves with other Instagram accounts that share the similar interest like you.

Instagram Stories is perhaps the latest feature of Instagram.  So, choose software that allows you to easily create and upload your short compilations of images on Instagram.

  • Search and Share Viral Content

Something that can give you an access to trending information and Hashtags is great. So, why not choose something that allows you to do so? It is a great idea to grow your network and increase the reach of your posts. If it even gives you an option to trim these videos to correct the length and post them with a description, even better.

  • Manage Your Followers

You should be given the freedom to manage your account fully. Be it people you follow or those following you, the software must give you the ease and comfort to manage everything smoothly.

  • Private Messaging Option

Software that lets you send those private messages to engage the followers is the best pick to reach more people and grow your business and leads. Also, there should also be an option to respond back to all the people who have messaged you.

So, hey newbies! This is how you must choose the software to ensure that the ball is your court, and that you are growing your network, business, and eventually some genuine leads.

This was how a software should be chosen to improve the lead generation and business!

But, is there any other way to generate leads besides using software or tools?

Umm, yes, there is!

All you need to do for that is understand how things go about on Instagram. Here it is for you!


As now we know that Instagram is not only for sharing the pictures of coffee, breakfast, and your pets, it’s time to get into some serious business.

Lead generation and growing business are easy on Instagram. But, with so many mouths telling so many different strategies, one may get confused about which one to keep and which one to ignore.

So, before you get stuck into one of those wrong strategies, here is how to choose the best one and follow the right path that leads to success.

  • Start Targeting Select Audience

Before you spot on any lead generation campaign, it is important that you answer the most important question, which is:

Who is your ideal lead?

And, some more!!!

  1. What do they listen to, watch and read?
  2. What goals and values do they believe in?
  3. What do they invest their time in?
  4. How and where do they spend their holidays?

So, having a very clear picture of whom you are going to target is important. This is crucial because:

  • You will be easily able to find those people on the platform.
  • Only when a profile of your lead is known, moving to the next stage would become easier.
  • Add a Link to your Instagram Profile

Instagram is not the place where links will work except for one aspect, which is in the bio description. So, if you are looking forward to seeing success with Instagram, you will have to use this link effectively.

And the good news is that you can change the link as many times as you want!!!

Include a website link on your profile because it is only in the bio that the link is going to work. So, let people click this link and increase the number of your followers today.

  • Optimization is the Key

When the ideal lead lands on your profile, they should see something very quickly, which is:

  • You
  • What they can gain by looking at your profile

Optimization is the key when it comes to achieving success on Instagram. And, it is only through consistent branding and a benefit driven description that you can compel the followers and engage them for hours and hours on your profile.

Don’t forget to add a compelling call-to-action to ensure that your customers are reaching at the right place instantly.

  • Branding

Right from your Instagram handle, to your display picture, and the feel of the content, everything should talk about your brand. It must directly appeal to the customers and they must know what you are selling in real.

So, promoting the brand starts right from the name and continues to grow with your pictures, videos, and even the stories that are the latest feature of Instagram.

  • Share Your Fan Stories: Only the Genuine Ones Though!

You build up and strengthen the authenticity of the brand when there are fans to back you up. So, when real people are there to support you, vouching for you, chances are that a huge amount of population will trust you. Be it the new audience or the existing one, you will be able to build the trust and authenticity among the visitors.

And, when you have become one of the most trusted entities for your customers, your business is going to skyrocket in no time.

Through this process, eventually, you will draw in more of the leads and turning them into the potential customers will no more be a task after this. Plus, why not use the latest feature called ‘Instagram Stories’ to broaden the horizon of your business instantly.

So, share as much fan stories as you can and your business is going to get the authenticity and business, it always deserved.

  • Give a Face to Your Brand

Generating leads become easy when you put a human face on your brand. Most customers are tired of pushy sales messages. In reality, they want something genuine and interactive that can actually help them in getting to the actual use of your product or service.

So, with this platform, you have the power to do this just by adding a human touch to all your interactions, be it an image, a video, or a description that you have written.

Plus, humanizing your brand can even strengthen the trust among the customers. It is a great thing, which can help in growing the followers and eventually your business.

By doing this, you can even win the loyalty of your existing and new customers. So, it is a win-win situation for you in both the cases.

  • BUY NOW Button will Work Magically!

Don’t let your customers go away from the profile, just because they are not able to find the BUY button on the profile. No matter, how enticing the product is, if you don’t make it easy for them to buy it, they will leave.

So, why not add a ‘BUY NOW” button right below the product to make it easy for them to shop for your products and avail the services?

Be sure that the products stand out and that it’s as easy as possible to buy once a customer commits.


I hope this guide would help you in understanding Instagram, right from downloading the app, to creating the account and reaching the followers, and finally generating the leads. With this new and fun app, there is no need to carry those laptops or sit on computers for hours and hours. Simply downloading an app would do.

Instagram Guide

Instagram has come with a breeze of success,  just follow these tips and tricks, and make way to a successful business while enjoying the fun and entertainment on Instagram.

So, don’t ask why Instagram?

Go ahead and download this app today (in case you haven’t yet) and take your first step to a successful business today. And, for those who are already using this app on their devices, you have a way ahead to go.