The majority of bloggers and website owners know that WordPress is the best platform to build a blog or website. However, some are still not aware of the benefits of using the plugins available in WordPress. Plugins are nothing new to those working on WordPress for a long time, but only a few have taken the full advantage of them. These are integrated into your website and provided added functionality. To put things straight, every site built using the CMS has some WordPress plugins list, which has given it good results.

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Must Have WordPress Popular Plugins List

Top Must-Have WordPress Plugins List for 2019

Which are the Best WordPress Plugins That I Can Use For My Website in 2019?

The list of Best WordPress plugins 2019 is endless. Some of the most commonly used WordPress plugins include those for contact forms, analytics, and integration with the email program. These are an attractive option for those looking to increase the ranking of their website in Google search results page along with its functionality. Given below are some of the best WordPress plugins to use in 2019 for increasing the sites ranking.


When the mention of Best WordPress plugins for blogs is made, the list would be incomplete without the WPForms. It is the best plugin for those who want to stay in touch with their website or blog visitors.

The WPForms is the most user-friendly contact form WordPress plugin, and makes it easier for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. It offers the website and blog owner to create any type of form for staying connected with the visitors.

One can create simple contact forms, allow users to upload files, display a survey of the site visitors, and collect information with WPFForms. There is no need for any coding to create the forms. All you need to do is just drag-and-drop the form builder, and you are good to go. WPFForms is also a good option for collecting payments for goods and services.

Top Must-Have WordPress Plugins List for 2019, WPFForms is also a good option for collecting payments for goods and services.



One of the Best free WordPress plugins 2019 is the MonsterInsights. It is the only Google Analytics plugin for WordPress presently. The MonsterInsights lets website and blog owners connect their Google Analytics account to WordPress to know more about the site visitors. It would help you in identifying the audience visiting your WordPress site or blog, where the traffic is coming from, and what they are doing on the site.

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MonsterInsights provides you with the opportunity to view the essential data in one single place, right from the WordPress dashboard. One can also track their WPFForms using this plugin, and check out form views, submission, and user conversion.

Best free WordPress plugins 2019, 

Monsterinsights The best google Analytics plugin for wordpress.


Constant Contact

If you are looking for the best email marketing service plugin, then Constant Contact is your thing. It helps blog and website users create an email list, manage subscribers, and handle daily tasks including the ones who unsubscribe. It works perfectly in coordination with the OptinMonster to integrate with WPFForms. You can easily add Constant Contact checkbox to every WPFForms on the website. It would let users get in contact with you quickly. The Constant Contact is one of the WordPress popular plugins free download for blog and website owners.

Best WordPress plugins for blogs WPFForms, Constant Contact Forms Settings


PageSpeed Insights

The speed and performance of your website or blog are paramount in deciding the user experience. If it fails to load quickly or does not perform as it is supposed to be, then the site visitors would abandon the website and never return. With the PageSpeed Insight, you can enter the website URL and see how fast the website works.

In case, there are any issues found slowing down your website, then Google would provide a list of suggestions and tell you how to fix everything wrong with the site. The best thing is that it is free to use so you can check and ensure your site is up to speed. It is the Best WordPress plugins for blogs and websites.

WordPress Popular Plugins List 
Wordpress speed insight plugin, Best WordPress plugins for blogs



Slack is the perfect tool for getting a single mode of communication for bringing the team together. It is the best tool to help with team management, increase productivity, and provide connection across different time zones. You can also have a one-on-one conversation, send direct messages, and add thoughts to channel that everyone can access. Besides, you can also view archived messages, and avoid lengthy email chains.

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WordPress Popular Plugins List 

Synchronize your slack channels & chats with wordpress


W3 Total Cache

The faster your website will load, the higher it would rank in Google search results. In short, more visitors would come to your business and subscribe to the service. Hence, using a cache plugin including W3 Total Cache ensures that you have compressed your website’s files into the cache to deliver it to the site visitor at the earliest.

It reduces the overall load on the website server, which reduces the page loading time. The W3 Total Cache also gives an exceptional user experience, which would encourage site visitors to return to the site. It is a commendable mention for the WordPress plugins list for bloggers and website owners.

WordPress Popular Plugins List 
w3 Total cache web performanace Optimization wordpress plugin


Hemingway Editor

When you plan on publishing content for your blog or website, and if it is not entertaining or educational enough, then it would affect your business. Therefore, you need to make sure that the website visitors understand the content as vital for them to stay on your site. It is here that Hemingway Editor provides the best material. All you need to do is copy and paste the material into the contained space, and Hemingway will guide you on where to make the corrections.

The editor highlights the sections of the content, which require some modification to make it easy for the user to read the content. In short, the easier the content is to read, the more traffic it would drive to your website.

Hemingway Editor WordPress Popular Plugins List


Beaver Builder

When you plan to build a WordPress website, then it should not become an ardent task, even if you are starting. With a simple drag-and-drop feature available in Beaver Builder, you can easily create a fully customized WordPress site within minutes. The simple layout allows you to create your website page, not to forget the page builder plugin.

You can also use the pre-available templates for translating content into popular WPML plugin. Besides, website designers can also setup WordPress Multisite and customize them. The Beaver Builder is the Best WordPress widgets for both site and blog owners.

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Wordpress plugins list The Beaver Builder is the Best WordPress widgets for both site and blog owners.



Are you looking for providing a membership option to your website? It is time you considered the MemberPress plugin. It lets you create a fully functioning website with membership including multi-level subscription, and content restriction.

The MemberPress also allows you to integrate both PayPal and Stripe along with providing features as coupon generation, dynamic pricing, and content dripping. These would help you generate the highest revenue for your site. Besides, you can also integrate AWeber, MailChimp, and Constant Contact to create a forum for members.

The All in One Membership Plugin for wordpress from member press WordPress plugins list


CSS Hero

The CSS Hero is the best WordPress customization plugin, which lets you change the design of the WordPress theme without the need for any coding. WordPress themes utilize CSS to make the website appear in a certain way to the website visitors. If you are looking to customize the changes on your WordPress website, then CSS Hero is your thing.

Easily Customize wordpress Themes 
CSS Hero is the definitive wordpress plugin to easily customize the look of the Themes and plugins WordPress plugins list



The SeedProd is a popular maintenance plugin for WordPress website. It is an effective option to capture quality leads and build an impressive email list before making the site live. This plugin comes with a countdown timer, referral tracking, and social sharing capability.

In case, you are doing certain maintenance work on the website; then you can easily create a stunning page to let the site users know about it. There are different templates, which you can choose to design your website page. There is no doubt that SeedProd is the Best WordPress design plugins to give your website a new look.

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SeedProd Coming soon Page and Maintenance mode Plugin for wordpress WordPress plugins list


Revive Old Post

If you are looking for a way to use the old content on your WordPress blog to drive more traffic via social media, then Revive Old Post is for you. With this plugin, you can share your content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr to cover maximum target audience. You can also include blog posts, media, or customized posts in the social media messages, and let Revive Old Post do the rest. It is the best option to put the old content to use and gather more audience.

Revive Old Posts Grow your social Media presence and keep your content alive. WordPress plugins list



The BirchPress is a premium WordPress appointment booking plugin, which helps you add online booking forms to the website. It synchronizes effortlessly with calendars like Google, iCal, Android, and Outlook to let you know about any new appointment. You can easily customize the booking form, send email reminders, and accept online payments using PayPal.

BirchPress Scheduler Premium wordpress Appointment Booking Plugin WordPress plugins list



One of the most powerful WordPress plugins to use for lead generation is the OptinMonster. It will help you expand your email list by providing the tools to make rare forms proven to convert. The OptinMonster comes with highly targeting and segmentation features, which show the user only the right content at the right time. It also helps one increase the site visitor engagement, boost conversion, and generate more sales. You can also conduct A/B tests, and check out the analytics for growth and success of your business. It is a much mention on the WordPress plugins list for bloggers and website owners.

Convert and Monitize your Website Traffic. Instantly boost leads and grow revenue with the website traffic you already have,Wordpress plugins list


Yoast SEO

One of the ways of getting your WordPress site or blog noticed online is optimizing it for SEO. If you do not appear on the first page of Google, then the chances are that the chances of having traffic on your website decrease. It is here that Yoast SEO can help manage the website content with the right SEO techniques. You can check the search results snippets, and ensure the presence of strong keywords in the content.

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Yoast SEO for WordPress Plugin. Easily optimize your WordPress site with one plugin, A premium Yoast SEO plugin for even more features and support WordPress plugins list



Are you looking for a solution to improve the keyword research for your WordPress website? Well, look no further because SEMRush is here to the rescue. You can easily check the keyword search volume and ensure you target the right ones for the ad campaign. It would also help you acquire the right keyword variations for use in the content, which will ensure that your website or blog indexes for the best search results.

With the SEMRush, you can monitor what the competition is up to by entering the URL to check what keywords they use to rank higher. With this information, you would know where to fill the right keywords to get the content noticed online. It is the best WordPress popular plugins free download for site and blog owners.

improve the keyword research for your WordPress website, semrush seo writing asssistant, WordPress plugins list



The best WordPress plugin for E-Commerce platform is WooCommerce. It is highly accessible and easy to use along with a professional method to sell digital and physical products. This plugin ensures that the customers checking your website have a smooth buying experience. It offers payment options, shipping features, Storefront theme, attractive designing options, and ability to set up memberships, subscription, and more. In short, it helps you maintain complete control so that no third party can claim authority over your online store.

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The best WordPress plugin for E-Commerce platform is WooCommerce, WordPress plugins list



If you are looking for a great live chat plugin for the E-Commerce store, then look no further than the LiveChat. The best thing about LiveChat is its fluid and easy setup, which also offers plenty of customization options. LiveChat lets you access detailed analytics and reports, integrated with a Google Analytics account to ensure the growth of your business. You can also connect effortlessly with third-party tools including the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), email marketing, and support software. Therefore, no need to worry any further about compatibility issues, as it loads fast for the best user experience.

Great live chat plugin for the E-Commerce store email marketing,
Wordpress plugins list



Thus, when you are looking to give your WordPress website or blog a big boost for better online ranking, then this WordPress plugins list would come in handy.

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