The CDN, short for Content Delivery Network consists of a network of servers. The CDN for WordPress blog delivers static cache content from a website to the user. The delivery of the material depends on the geographic location of the end user. When a user comes across a WordPress blog, it redirects them to the website’s host server. A centralized location has the web host server, and every user accesses this server to view your site.

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Why You Need a CDN for Your WordPress Blog


In case, you have high traffic on your website; then it can overload the server. It would cause the website to load slowly and might even crash the server. It is here that a CDN works. When you use a CDN; the static content is cached and stored on the servers. The static content includes images, stylesheets (CSS files), JavaScript, and Flash. When the user would visit your website, which is the original server, the CDN would redirect them to the nearest server in their location.

The CDN is transparent back support of the World Wide Web in charge of content delivery. Every internet user interacts with CDN’s regularly, whether it is while online shopping, reading articles, blogs, watching online videos, or merely browsing Facebook.

Behind every piece of content that a user consumes, there is a CDN working behind every text, image, and video frame to bring the content to your PC and mobile browser.

Why Should I Rely on CDN for My WordPress Blog?

Loyal WordPress users might be reluctant to try the CDN, as it might appear a little overwhelming. However, we have come up with a list of the top benefits that CDN offers to your WordPress blog.

  • Improved Performance

The best reason to have a CDN is a vast improvement in the performance of your WordPress blog. A website that takes minimal loading time has a higher conversion rate, decreased bounce rates, and better visitor duration, and not to forget smooth user experience. A slow loading website is the last thing on a user’s mind whose attention span is short. We have come up with a list of some brands, which have faced this situation:

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  • BBC loses an additional 10% of users for every extra second it took their site to load.
  • More than 50% of mobile users abandoned a website after it took more than 3 seconds to load.
  • AliExpress reduced its loading time by 36% and witnessed a 10.5% increase in orders and a 27% increase in conversion for new customers.
  • Low Bandwidth Cost

Another advantage of CDN for WordPress blog is that it can easily offload CPU and resources from the website hosting server. It helps in preventing online traffic spikes from affecting the host. It will also help decrease bandwidth costs. Another way in which CDN helps reduce the cost by providing a way to enable hotlink protection. It includes restricting the HTTPS referrers and stopping others from embedding the assets including images.

  • HTTP/2

The HTTP/2 is one of the most prominent features that every CDN utilizes to speed up the delivery of your WordPress blog. It requires HTTPS owing to browser support. The rapid improvement in the performance of the WordPress blog is due to many reasons including protocol supporting multiplexing, HPACK compression, parallelism, ALPN extension, and server push.

  • High Scalability and Availability

The CDN for WordPress blog offers high-availability and scalability. With the replicated content available across multiple POPs (Point of Preference) at different geographic locations. In case, one of the servers malfunctions, then web traffic is rerouted to another server. A CDN provider is built with scalability in mind, as it keeps the website from crashing by handling the majority of the load.

  • Upgrades Security

With the advancement in internet technology, cybercriminals have developed new techniques to damage a website. It affects the online ranking and security of the target site, which leads to a loss of reputation. The deployment of CDN makes sure that additional security protocols are present for the WordPress blog. These offer protection against different online attacks including DDoS (Direct Denial of Service) and data sniffing.

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  • Global Reach

When it comes to global exposure for website owners, there is fierce competition for foreign websites. The CDN for WordPress blog provides an edge to help the owner get over these obstacles, and make their site accessible for users depending on location. The CDN offers global coverage without much hassle. It removes inconsistency and throughout access to Java and CSS elements.

  • Cost Efficient

The CDN services do not come cheap, but these offer your WordPress blog and website with complete safety. They cut down the cost of having additional bandwidth for hosting. It is here that instead of purchasing extra space for hosting your WordPress blog, you can buy CDN services, which will easily handle the entire blog efficiently.

  • Support

The CDN for WordPress blog services provided by organizations with resources and the necessary technical skills. These work to operate and maintain multiple servers. On the one hand, it reduces the tasks for blog maintenance but also gives support services. It provides blog optimization and updates it as per the current trends, which would otherwise require additional web development cost.


  • Better Quality

One of the reasons for the CDN to remain in trend is the superior content quality. Owing to ever-changing requirements; large files including videos, themes, and high-resolution images can affect the speed of your WordPress blog. It can also weaken the security protocols of the blog. For your WordPress site or blog to remain functional, CDN helps in loading cache data and improving the site speed for uninterrupted browsing.

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  • Backup Data Server

The CDN for WordPress blog does a beautiful job of preserving your WordPress website data. In case, the website server goes down for any reason; the traffic immediately goes down. It affects the credibility of the SERP (search engine result page) for a long time. It is here that having a CDN helps in controlling such a situation. The CDN offers failover capabilities including data caching in their servers. It allows access to the blog or site data even when the central server is not responding.

  • SEO Boost

The website boost provided by CDN offers credibility to the website in SERPs. The search engines rank website considering various factors including speed. The better the loading speed of the site, the more will be the number of visitors. The CND also makes sure that every version of the website is identical across different server and locations. It uses canonical headers and caching algorithms along with scanning for duplicate content to improve the SEO of the site.

CDN WordPress Plugins


  • Improved Website Data Control

When you try to update new content on your website, it can cause inconsistencies across linked servers. However, CDN for WordPress blog can prevent this issue by updating the JavaScript or CSS files across all servers each time the blog or site owner makes changes. In short, it is a failsafe method for the WordPress blog.

  • Easy Optimization

The CBD integrates easily with WordPress blogs, as they are dependent on online traffic. It helps to reduce the issues faced by web platforms. By combining CDN, the WordPress blog gets various advantages with one of them being the audience receiving relevant content. Besides, it also offers the end user with better web experience and keeps your blog protected.

  • Faster Delivery

Similar to your WordPress host or plugin utilizing caching, the CDN also uses caching. It can deliver files in less time. Once the CDN acquires the copy of the said media, the blog visitor needs to request for that particular content. The CDN sends an HTTP header on the request.

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How Can I Implement CDN Into My WordPress Blog?

To understand why CDN used widely around the world for blogs and sites, you need to recognize the issue they are designed to address. The most common problem is the delay occurring from the moment the user requests for a particular page to load to the time when the content is delivered.

Before learning to implement the CDN service into your WordPress blog, you should remember not to confuse the CDN with your WordPress blog host. These two are different services, and a CDN is not a replacement for the hosting provider. It is an additional method to increase website speed.

Free wordpress CDN Services CDN is not a replacement for the hosting provider. It is an additional method to increase website speed.


If you want to know how a CDN for WordPress blog works; pay attention to the information below.

You have your WordPress website host and need to choose a physical data center location. Let us take South America, Central America, or Europe. You want Central America, and this means that your website located in one of its districts. When users from Europe would visit your site, it would take longer for it to load as opposed to someone visiting it from within South America. It is owing to the distance the data needs to travel to reach the user. This is known as latency, which includes the time and delay in the transmission of data over a network. The larger the distance, the more would be the latency.

It would take several networking hops to serve the request of data access from the browser to the hosting server. More time would be consumed in providing the requested content from the server back to the web server. It is here that a CDN would step into the picture and reduce the latency by loading your blog content onto a server closer to the user’s location. You should remember that the CDN servers are also known as POPs, aka Points of Presence.

Now, that you have completely understood how a CDN functions, we will now help you in implementing the CDN for WordPress blog. The guidelines mentioned below would allow the users to gain access to your WordPress blog or site in minimal time.

Step 1

You need to choose a CDN provider and subscribe to their service. The CDN provider would bill you typically on a monthly or data usage basis. Some providers also use calculators to provide an estimated cost for the service.

Step 2

You need to utilize the free plugin including the CDN enabler or the WordPress Rocket to integrate the service. These plugins would link the blog assets to the CDN service. There is no need for any extra work to get the content onto the CDN. In short, deploying it is much more comfortable as compared to a few years back.

Step 3

When the user visits your website, it loads the content from your WordPress site from different CDNs around the globe. The online users in Europe looking to visit your website would get the content from a POP in Europe.

CDN uses two different technologies to route users to the correct location, which is IP Anycast and Geolocation routing. These two can automatically detect the position from which the user is sending the request and route it to the nearest POP.

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However, it is essential to choose a strategic server location for your WordPress blog host. A CDN might distribute the media and other content, but a single request has to be sent to the hosting provider when the website loads. Till the time you are using a full-page cache on a proxy server.


Which CDN Service Would Best Work for My WordPress Blog?

We have compiled a list of some of the best CDN services to help run your WordPress blog smoothly without any issues.

  1. MaxCDN
  2. Cloudflare
  3. KeyCDN
  4. Incapsula
  5. Sucuri
  6. StackPath
  7. Rackspace


The Conclusion

After providing you with every bit of information on CDN for WordPress blog, one thing is clear. Every CDN service described above provides many advantages. If you are looking for a way to get your website or blog noticed, then CDN is the best option.

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